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9 Most Disturbing Music Videos You’ve Ever Seen


Horror and revulsion is unquestionably gratifying for the typical viewer.

Visits to the local cinema to watch the freshly released horror film seduces those who want to indulge in the explicit violence and blood that relentlessly hits the screen, while exposing one to terrifying visuals, leaving us to scream and tremble in the corner of our seats.

While it is apparent that cinema has killed the video star, music videos, if executed superbly are a perfect place to explore and be exposed to the genre.

Artists commonly shy away from having such content in their music videos in fear of attracting such negative criticism and controversy, while potentially alienating audiences. For those who are drawn to such imagery, there are artists who neglect such uncertainties and do it regardless.

This list will some now explore nine disturbingly delectable music videos ever made.

Warning: Discretion is advised. This list contains graphic content that will cause considerable repulsion, yet inquisitiveness will entice you to read on.

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10 Hauntingly Weird Music Videos From The 1980s


The 1980s were an odd decade – you had to be there really. Music videos really took off in this watershed period and boy was there some bizarre efforts.

Many have become classics. Throughout the 80s a video became an essential accompaniment to the single. From their humble beginnings and low production values typified by Abba – who let their simple lyrics generate popularity – through to big budget pieces like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, songs became synonymous with their video.

Along the way there were psychedelic and downright unusual offerings by the biggest names in the business. Some used their videos to break taboos. The 80s gave us a black Jesus through Madonna whilst Frankie Goes to Hollywood tackled topics as diverse as the Cold War and gay hedonism.

It wasn’t long before every pop music video seemed to have crazy costumes and gimmicky premises. Animation too soon strayed into the music industry. Film footage came with songs picked for motion picture soundtracks and popular musicals exploded onto the scene in Flashdance and Footloose.

And yet there’s nostalgia among people of a certain age for the decade that taste forgot. With that in mind we’ve picked out ten weird and wonderful clips for your delectation:

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