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Nick Carter Launches Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign For Horror Film, ‘Evil Blessings’

Nick Carter is making a horror film and needs your help.

The (hottest) Backstreet Boys member has stared an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Evil Blessings, a film he co-wrote and stars in.

“The reason I’m looking to crowd fund this film is because it not only helps me to gauge interest in this project, but it gives my fans out there an opportunity to get access to what I’m doing that I wouldn’t be able to offer elsewhere,” Carter, 33, says in the Indiegogo video.

As listed on the fundraising page, the perks are a plenty.

A donation of $5 will get you a special thank you credit on the Evil Blessings website, while a $50 donation will get you a personalized thank you tweet from the singer. (Unfortunately, that perk has been sold out as of Saturday morning, but you can read all of Carter’s personalized tweets here).

Still up for grabs are “Executive Producer” credits for those donating $10,000 or more, four roles in the film for those donating $6,000 and a Backstreet Boys package for donations of $1,000, among other perks.

Evil Blessings, according to Carter, is a “classic horror story about three friends who go up in the mountains to hunt but soon discover they’re the ones being hunted by an ancient family of evil.”

Carter, who is gearing up for BSB’s eighth studio album, In a World Like This (due in 2014), is seeking $85,000 for the film. He will also be matching a portion of all funds raised to make sure Evil Blessings gets made.

For more on the project, head over to Indiegogo.

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