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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Controversial New Music Video

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This coming week sees Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds make their long awaited, long playing return in the shape of their fifteenth, that’s right – fifteenth, studio album Push The Sky Away. Given the band’s fourteenth, and last, album came out in 2008, some might say it is exceptionally over due. To be fair though, it’s not like Cave hasn’t been a busy little bee in that time; he’s had Grinderman, co-writing scores for film, writing screenplays for the films themselves and excursions into the world of literature to keep him busy. I think a five year wait can be forgiven for all that.

Anyway, ahead of the album’s February 18th release came the leadoff single Jubilee Street and its attached video. Said video courted an assorted bit of controversial attention upon its unveiling; starring Ray Winstone in a subtle, but brilliant, cameo role the video enacts the tale of the song’s girl named Bee and her fixated narrator, as played by Winstone. Suffice to say Bee is a prostitute and our narrator is an client to the point of worship.

The video was initially pulled from YouTube as it was deemed too risqu with its explicit scenes. So, it was taken down, censored and uploaded again. However, the powers that be have allowed the uncensored version to return to YouTube with a warning and a sign in requirement prior to watching the video – you know the drill.

Obviously, the video’s NSFW so the censored version is available here to watch, if you’re not free to see the uncensored video. Whether you think it’s worth all the fuss in its uncensored version is all personal prerogative, but what I think (hope) we can all agree on is that Jubilee Street is a brilliant song and an incredibly promising harbinger of Push The Sky Away this week.

However, if this video just doesn’t push your controversial buttons, then how about you check out our recent list of the 10 Most Controversial Music Videos Of All Time. If you can stomach it of course.

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