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Carson Daly: Our Holiday Plans (and Traditions!)

Carson Daly: Our Holiday Plans (and Traditions!)

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

There’s a new flight plan in place for Carson Daly‘s travel schedule — one that doesn’t involve kicking back in first class with a bubbly beverage in hand.

“We just got back from New York last night so I just had my first big trip with two kids,” The Voice host, 39, told PEOPLE after Tuesday’s live show.

“Usually I’m just drunk on a plane. Now I’m that guy who is walking down the aisle burping — I still drink Bloody Marys on the plane.”

But toting his precious cargo — 11-week-old Etta Jones — isn’t so easy. “She’s big. Off the charts. Ninetieth percentile in weight and height, which is ridiculous,” Daly shares.

Despite his amended air time and heavy lifting, the new dad loves his life now more than ever, a sentiment that is particularly strong around the holidays. This year, the family of four — which includes Daly’s girlfriend Siri Pinter and their 3 -year-old son Jackson James — will be spending Thanksgiving with their parents.

“We’re going to my parents’ house with her family too. We’ll all just hunker down and relax. I’m so thankful for my family. I never thought my career would last this long,” he says.

“It feels great, but it reminds me of what’s consistent, which is my family. To sit on the couch with my dad and drink a beer while he falls asleep and then goes, ‘What?! What’s happening in the game?’ Those are moments I cherish now.”

Doing their part when it comes to the traditional feast, Daly jokes his food guru girlfriend is going all out for the occasion and will arrive with her arms full of … a loaf of bread.

“I asked her what she’s contributing and she said, ‘I’m making bread.’ I’m like, ‘Really? You’re the ferocious food blogger,’” he says with a laugh.

“Then she says, ‘It’s not just any bread.’ And she opens up this Bon App tit and shows me this immaculate sea salt bread, overnight rise and fall with the tides. This better be the best bread of my life!”

The couple’s plans for Christmas also include spending time surrounded by their loved ones — and indulging in a few family traditions.

“We usually watch The Christmas Story together and my dad pulls down all of the boxes in the garage and complains about that,” Daly says.

“We always get pajamas the night before. I’m almost 40 and my mom says, ‘You can pick one gift to open before morning.’ As if I’m 12. I’m like, ‘Let me guess: the pajamas.’ But it’s tradition.”

But the jolly man in the red suit has a lot to live up to this year. After being lavished with gifts since Pinter’s pregnancy, Jackson’s bond with Etta has blossomed … and so has his toy collection.

“We bribed him when [Siri] was pregnant. We would give him gifts like a Power Ranger or anything Transformers. He’d say, ‘What’s this, Dada?’ I’d say, ‘I don’t know. Who’s it from?’ [And he would say,] ‘Oh, it’s from baby sissy,’” Daly recalls.

“So leading up to the birth, when baby sissy came out it was like Siri gave birth to Santa Claus. He was like, ‘Who is this woman who gives me gifts?’ But he loves [Etta]. It’s too good to be true. We are a reality show waiting to happen.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Jessica Herndon

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Melissa Joan Hart: Why I Dreamed of Having a Daughter

Melissa Joan Hart: Why I Dreamed of Having a Daughter

Scott Gries/Invision for The Hub/AP

Now the mom of three boys, Melissa Joan Hart once found herself dreaming of a life with daughters.

The inspiration behind her fleeting fantasy? Tackling the terrible twos — and a coloring book! — with eldest son Mason Walter.

“[He] just would not calm down, he was such a wild man,” the Melissa & Joey star, 36, told PEOPLE during The Hub‘s Playdate Premiere Party sponsored by The MOMS on Nov. 10 in New York City, where a new Guinness World Record was set for the largest coloring book ever.

“And I would keep saying, ‘Why can’t I have a little girl that just sits and colors?’”

But despite taking his time to show his true talents, the now 6 -year-old not only works wonders with a crayon, but has moved on to creating his own picture books.

“He steals our printer paper and he makes up books about different animals,” the proud mama shares. “He has a collection of books he’s made under his bed.”

And with Hart currently in the process of writing her own memoir, her son’s sketching skills could one day be quite useful to the author. “He may very well end up doing the illustrations for my book,” she jokes.

The actress recently welcomed her third son Tucker McFadden – Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson are also parents to Braydon Hart, 4, pictured above — and would love nothing more than to expand her family further … if it weren’t for the pesky pregnancy process.

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant. I hate being pregnant — the lack of energy at the beginning [and] having to change your diet,” she says. “It’s a huge adjustment and you have to change your whole lifestyle for a few months.”

But with such a bright light at the end of the tunnel — her baby boy! — Hart knows the best days are yet to come.

“What gets me through the rough months [is that] I remember that it is going to get better as his personality changes,” she explains. “Soon he is going to be crawling and walking.”

Mason and Brady also have been making the transition easier on Mom by offering a helping hand — and a turn at diaper duty! — when needed.

“The older boys help with diaper changes. I am like, ‘Can you grab Mommy that?’ and after weeks [of that] they are like, ‘Gosh, you can never do anything for yourself,’” Hart says with a laugh.

– Anya Leon with reporting by Debra Lewis-Boothman

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Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase

Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase

Courtesy Jewel

The holiday season is gearing up for a good start in Jewel‘s household — and the excitement is set to begin on Halloween.

The first-time mama and her husband Ty Murray have already compiled quite the collection of costumes for their son Kase Townes.

“He’s going to be about five different things, he’s going to have more costume changes than a Cher concert,” Jewel, 38, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “He’s going to be a chicken, a hammerhead shark [and] a little monkey. [And] at least two other ones.”

But for her baby boy’s day-to-day style, the songstress and children’s book author works to keep a balance between comfortable and country.

“There are days that I put him in little cowboy boots and a little plaid shirt, which is very cute,” says Jewel, who lives with her family (and their menagerie of animals!) on their 2,400-acre Texas ranch.

And while the new parents are still “grooming” their 15-month-old to help with the farm’s daily chores, Jewel shares he is excelling at all of his major milestones — including perfecting his furry friends’ signature sounds.

“He makes lots of animal sounds. He can do the monkey, the dog, the goat, the duck,” she reveals, adding he imitates the animals when he spots them on the property. “Especially cows. He likes the cows a lot.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Amy Jamieson

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Nick Lachey Is ‘Officially In Cheesy Dad Mode’

Yitzhak Dalal/Hilton Media Group

Nick Lachey is one proud new papa.

Since he and wife Vanessa welcomed son Camden John, it seems as if the doting dad has been busy soaking up plenty of time with his new son.

“Officially in cheesy dad mode,” Lachey, 38, Tweeted Monday afternoon.

“Camden is easily the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. @VanessaLachey and I are truly blessed!”

Born on Sept. 12, baby boy has already made waves in social media circles after new mom Kristin Cavallari commented on the Lacheys’ name choice.

“Apparently Camden is a popular name!” Cavallari, who welcomed son Camden Jack on Aug. 8, Tweeted last week.

– Anya Leon

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Joy Williams Introduces Son Miles Alexander

Joy Williams gave birth during a scorching heat wave in Nashville, but says her delivery was a breeze.

“I did it all naturally and really loved the experience. My husband [Nate Yetton] and I had just gone to the Belcourt to see the new Wes Anderson movie, and the air conditioning was out in the theater,” the female half of The Civil Wars tells PEOPLE. “I was so hot! I started feeling tiny pressure waves during the film, but they abated over time.”

Fast forward hours later and she was almost ready to deliver.

“The [contractions] woke me up at about 1:30 in the morning. And then those really gradual pressure waves grew to ‘Okay, I think it’s time to call the doula!’ It happened pretty quickly and it went really well,” Williams, 29, says. “I had a midwife and a doula. Nate was a champion of champions and so supportive and present.”

Tec Petaja

Open to several options, Williams says the birthing process proved to be a natural progression.

“I didn’t really feel the need for [an epidural]. It was pretty quick labor, so I didn’t have to endure days in and days out and that never-ending sense of, ‘When am I having this child?’” she explains. “Regardless of how you end up delivering — medication or not — the experience is beautiful and visceral and challenging, but ultimately really empowering.”

Despite the blissful birth, the first-time mama was more than ready to head home from the hospital with the couple’s newest addition.

“Some people told us that that drive home can feel really overwhelming and daunting, [but] I was ready to take him home to our safe environment and hibernate together,” Williams says. “When we walked in the door, it was like, ‘Okay, we’re here … and here’s your nursery and here’s the kitchen and here’s the living room — a getting-to-know-you session.”

After a “drama-free” pregnancy and delivery, Williams quickly settled into motherhood and has already introduced 9-week-old Miles Alexander to the family.

“His first time flying went really well! We’re in Northern California [right now] and the grandparents are meeting the little one,” she shares. “There’s nothing sweeter than being able to introduce him to them.”

And the name Miles suits the burgeoning jet-setter.

“I believe Miles means merciful in German and soldier in Latin, but the actual practical and literal meaning of miles leapt out to us as well,” the two-time Grammy winner explains. “The fact that we will be traveling around the world and he’ll see 10 different countries before he’s even six months old made that name even more special to us.”

Tec Petaja

As for her favorite way to spend time with her “really smiley” baby boy?

“I love walking to coffee shops. There are lots of great parks in Nashville. There’s a farmer’s market,” she says. “He’s so brand-new! There’s a lot more I want to do and show him around town.”

For now, the new mom is catching up on some shuteye — and feeling inspired by the late-night feedings. “I’m starting to write my own songs for him. Something to do in the middle of the night,” jokes Williams.

– Carlos Greer

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Christy Turlington Burns: Grace Is ’8 Going on 14′

Bruce Weber

The model noted for being the face area of Calvin Klein&#8217s Eternity scent and strutting sexily within the video for George Michael&#8217s song &#8220Freedom! &#821790,&#8221 now stays her time prancing together with her 8 -year-old daughter Sophistication, whom she describes as &#8220a really tough cookie&#8221 and boy Finn, 6 , whom she states is &#8220a real mush.&#8221

Christy Turlington Burns graces the September problem of DuJour, which features her and her daughter horse riding.

&#8220I began to consider it back to my existence after i was investing all my time in the barn with Sophistication,&#8221 the model, 43, states of her daughter, whom she describes as &#82208 happening 14.&#8221

Bruce Weber

After investing the summer time in East Hampton, the household is going to Africa, however it&#8217s not thrilling for everybody &#8212 yet. Her kids aren&#8217t happy about obtaining the necessary vaccinations, and Sophistication doesn&#8217t wish to leave her pony, Blackbird, for 2 days, but Turlington Burns is confident they&#8217ll soon feel in a different way.

&#8220I don&#8217t know anybody who hasn&#8217t fallen deeply in love with Africa,&#8221 she confesses.

She&#8217s especially excited for that kids and husband Erectile dysfunction Burns to satisfy the moms and kids she labored with while filming No Lady, No Cry, this years documentary she directed and funded after her very own knowledge about postpartum hemorrhaging.

Later on, Turlington Burns founded Every Mother Counts, with the aim of lowering the maternal dying rate.

&#8220I began carrying this out work once i delivered Sophistication &#8212 that&#8217s very, very clearly why I&#8217m carrying this out,&#8221 she describes. &#8220But I&#8217m even the mother of the boy. It&#8217s vital that you train him to understand women&#8217s issues and also to be kind and sincere.&#8221

Bruce Weber

&#8211 Michael Cohen

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