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PlayStation 4: 10 Things Sony Might Announce On February 20th

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No doubt by now every gamer fanatic out there – PlayStation supporter or otherwise – has seen Sony’s teaser trailer for their mysterious PlayStation Meeting 2013, which will be held in New York on the 20th February.

The release of this 45 second enigma has sparked an abundance of rumours which are doing the rounds, but nothing has been heard from Sony aside from a spokesperson who told IGN that “the PlayStation meeting will be about the future of the PlayStation business.”

So what could Sony possibly have up their sleeves to announce on the 20th?

10. PlayStation 4

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Nobody knows for definite what Sony will announce on the 20th February in New York. The most obvious and popular answer is Sony’s next generation multimedia console, the PlayStation 4. Codenamed “Project Orbis,” many rumours circulate the next Sony gaming platform, but officially a hush surrounds the specifics of the console. If the PlayStation 4 is to be announced at the Meeting, the name, a launch date, official specifications, the look of the console, and most importantly a price should be at the top of Sony’s agenda.

We can only speculate, but learning from history we would assume the name of the PlayStation 4 will be just that. Nothing particularly good would come of a re-naming of the PlayStation brand, which has been established since the first PlayStation in 1994.

Again learning from history, we can assume that Sony will release the PlayStation 4 into the wild on December 2013 for Japan and North America, and probably early 2014 for Europe and the rest of the World. Despite lessons of the past, gut instincts tell me Sony will want to get ahead of the game and release a little earlier with this console.

Whatever the date, we can only hope that Sony will remain far away from the 599 US Dollar fiasco which dominated their announcement of the PlayStation 3 at E3 in 2006. Compared to the basic Wii U model in the States right now, which is $299.99, and compensating for a far better grade of specifications, we’re most likely looking at a price point of around $400.

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