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WWE: 10 Ways To Address Raw Ratings Disaster

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Even when WWE Raw does a bad rating, it’s still a valuable commodity to the USA network. At three hours the show is an effective stage to sell advertising, and there is little that USA could broadcast in the same slot that would pull the same level of viewership. Raw even in a ratings slump is still an enviable draw. UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series for example would love to do a “bad Raw rating”.

The problem is, when the rating crashes it’s bad for the wrestling business as a whole. There’s no danger of USA network president Chris McCumber kicking Raw from their Monday night slot, but there is a worry that bad ratings mean downward spirals in general. Low TV ratings are a signal of impending poor ppv numbers, drops in merchandise, and various other descents in WWE business streams.

The issue of “ratings disaster” came up this week after Monday’s December 2nd Raw crashed in with just 3,541,000 viewers. That comes in at a 2.65 rating, and the statistical analysis will have Vince McMahon on edge for the rest of the week. The 2.65 number is 10% down from Raw a year ago, and makes Monday’s Raw the least watched episode of 2013. That is a shocking fact when you consider WWE is running one of the biggest angles in years – the champion vs champion feud. What should be an historic time in WWE history is proving uninteresting to the mass audience.

To be honest, Raw was a really dull show this week. But you would have still expected the Orton / Cena angle to draw. The alarming rating may very well have Vince McMahon rethinking this entire angle. Deeper analysis of the rating throws up the true extent of why WWE should be concerned –

For the second week in a row, RAW lost viewers every hour:

Hour 1: 3,616,000
Hour 2: 3,560,000
Hour 3: 3,447,000

The most-watched hour of the broadcast had fewer viewers than the least-watched hour of last week. That is pretty alarming. RAW has lost viewers during each of the past 6 hours it has been on TV. The last Raw to perform so badly was Christmas Eve 2012 (understandably so), and it was October 1st 2012 that a non-holiday Raw last performed so dismally.

All the key players in WWE will now be looking how to address this ratings slump. Here we look at 10 ways the company should act to correct this problem…

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