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10 Most Punchable Faces In Hollywood


We all have our favourite movies and movie stars but if you pay any attention at all to pop culture then you’re likely to get exposed to any number of terrible movies and movie stars whether you want to or not. These stars and their associated movies are crappy and terrible and yet their careers tend to continue rather than end and we get more and more awful movies starring these chumps.

That means press interviews, junkets, and they end up appearing on magazine covers, news programmes, internet clips, radio, posters – so many types of publicity that you can’t escape them and you just want to punch them in the face.

Because I don’t approve of hitting women, even in a hypothetical article like this, I didn’t put any on the list so it’s 10 guys but there are definitely a few women in Hollywood who deserve a Sean Connery (I’m looking at you Gwyneth!).

Here are 10 of those most punchable of Hollywood mugs.

10. Nicholas Hoult

nic hoult

Not that Nicholas has made anything truly awful film-wise, he is however just tremendously annoying . He has this eager-to-please attitude, an aw-shucks-golly-gee kinda face, and seems genuinely fake in every film he’s in. He was irritating in his first appearance alongside Hugh Grant in 2002’s About A Boy, whining his way through the movie, before popping up in Nicolas Cage’s The Weather Man as Cage’s teen son – a forgettable performance but then that whole movie was a mess – and becoming famous in the TV series Skins. Is there anything worse than seeing this guy naked and pursuing sex? Well he kept it up in 2009’s A Single Man before making the move to crappy big-budget Hollywood movies.

His timidity and false modesty as Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men: First Class was one of the low points of that movie but he’s nevertheless coming back for the sequel, Days of Future Past, out next year. Most recently he featured as Jack in Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer, an overly-expensive adaptation of the classic children’s fairy tale that fared poorly at the box office (not to mention critically).

In nearly every role, he plays the bland good guy, putting in the bare minimum of effort to craft the most generic characters every committed to screen. That and those moronic ads for Tom Ford… grr…

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How Kristin Stewart Became One Of Hollywood’s Most Powerful Stars

Nothing keeps a celebrity front-and-center in the press like a good, old-fashioned scandal.

No one knows that better than Kristen Stewart, who is ranked No. 4 on Celebuzz’s Hollywood Power Index. The star had her fair share of press coverage in 2012: Her now famous affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders while she was dating Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson may have cast the star in a temporarily negative light, but it made her more famous than ever.

After issuing a public apology to Pattinson, Stewart reminded herself to shake off the negative attention.

“I used to just stay in my hotel room rather than deal with everything,” she told U.K. newspaper The Sun. “But if you get too caught up in what others think, you become a really disjointed person.”

The media firestorm did little to deter fans from the most recent installment of the Twilight franchise. In October, the star embarked on a successful publicity tour for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 with Pattinson and co-star Taylor Lautner – making stops in the U.K., Spain, Germany, Australia, Japan and Brazil, to name a few.

As one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, Stewart’s career hasn’t suffered at all. According to Forbes magazine, she is one of the most monetarily successful celebs, earning her bosses $40.60 for every dollar she was paid last year. So, how does the celeb spend her riches?

In October, Stewart plunked down a reported $2.2 million on a two-story hillside home in a gated Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

And what’s next for star now that the Twilight saga has come to an end? The actress will certainly score a quite sizable paycheck to reprise her role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman 2 which will move ahead sans Sanders.

Just how famous is KStew? See what our experts have to say by watching the video above.

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According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, KRISTEN STEWART “still feels guilty” about cheating on ROBERT PATTINSON with RUPERT SANDERS.

Well, she should!

SPX 058762

Robert Pattinson may have taken her back in spite of her cheating scandal with married director Rupert Sanders, but Kristen, who was “emotionally a mess” before she and Rob got back together, still can’t seem to forgive herself and get over her guilt-at least according to a source close to the couple.

The insider told Us Weekly:

“He’s never going to forget what she did, but he has forgiven her… Almost losing him was a wake-up call for Kristen. And Rob doesn’t want to be angry anymore. They want to move forward.”

A friend of the “Twilight” stars also revealed:

“There are good days and bad days… [Kristen] still feels guilty.”

As she should. After all, not only did she cheat on her boyfriend, but she chose to cheat on him with a married man! But of course, Kristen is fully aware of how awful her actions were. Another insider added:

“She still thinks the world hates her. It’s hard to resume a relationship after something like that.”

But it looks like Kristen and Robert are really going to try… so Robsten fans, rejoice!

Photo By PR Photos

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“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ World Premiere (PHOTOS)

The final installment in the “The Twilight Saga” franchise-“Breaking Dawn – Part 2″-premiered on Monday at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in California.

And we’ve got photos!

DGG 039853

Every “Twilight” premiere is considered a major affair (obviously) but the anticipation for this one was noticeably more intense than any of the other premieres due to the fact that it would also mark the first public appearance of lead stars and real-life couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who recently got back together after months of estrangement and an unconfirmed breakup, since Kristen‘s cheating scandal with married director Rupert Sanders in July.

Also present at the event, of course, were the other Cullen vampires-Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, and Mackenzie Foy, who played Renesmee Cullen.

Check out the rest of the photos:

Photos By PR Photos

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Kristen Stewart Has NO Patience For A Handsy Robert Pattinson During Dinner Date!



You’d think that someone who spent an entire summer attempting to win her man back after getting caught cheating on him would be a little more open to affection now that he’s willing to give it!

But no!

Unsurprisingly, this is not the case for Kristen Stewart!

The actress and Robert Pattinson were spotted at a dinner party at Graydon Carter‘s Beatrice Inn earlier in the week, where several eyewitnesses reported that throughout the evening, she repeatedly rebuffed his various signs of affection!

For example, one diner watched her move his hand as it wandered toward her booty, and even turn her head away from his when he attempted to kiss her, all the while hissing:

“Don’t kiss me.”

Ouch! Talk about COLD!

We can certainly imagine, given her attitude during recent promotional events, that she’s super self-conscious about being seen with him in public, but again, we can only sympathize so much with someone who was willing to make a statement to the public regarding her indiscretions!

Especially when he’s looked past it and is attempting to re-build the trust she violated!

Oh well!

At least it appears, as we reported, that by the time they hit the Electric Room later that evening she had mellowed out!

Here’s hoping she can keep it that way!

[Image via WENN.]

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According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, CAMERON DIAZ was reportedly caught flirting heavily with ROBERT PATTINSON at the LACMA Art + Film Gala two weeks ago.

But unfortunately, the British hunk wasn’t interested.

AES 080028

Cameron might not have heard that Robert and his formerly-estranged girlfriend Kristen Stewart had gotten back together following the latter’s shocking cheating scandal, because the gorgeous 40-year-old actress reportedly flirted up a storm with the “Twilight” heartthrob at the LACMA Art + Film Gala last month, which they both attended.

The “Charlie’s Angels” star, who has been single since she split from NY Yankees player Alex Rodriguez last year, allegedly tried to charm her way into Pattinson‘s heart-or into his pants-at the Gucci-sponsored event by hitting on him the whole night.

One of the many eyewitnesses to the spectacle tells Us Weekly:

“She was pretty obvious… Cam was seated next to Rob at dinner. She was touching his arm, doing her big Cameron laugh at everything he said and trying really hard.”

Alas, Robert was not into it. The eyewitness shares:

“He was polite, but not having it.”

Sorry, Cameron. He probably just has a thing for brunettes… who don’t wash their hair.

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ROBERT PATTINSON To Become The New Face Of Dior Fragrances

Celebrity news reports ROBERT PATTINSON is about to become the new face of Dior’s fragrances for men.

AES 080094

Robert Pattinson is no Brad Pitt, but as the world’s “Sexiest Man,” he sure as hell can pull off being the face of another major brand’s fragrance line.

According to E! Online, the 26-year-old brooding “Twilight” actor is reportedly expected to appear in a campaign as Christian Dior‘s new fragrance model and will get a estimated $12 million for the three-year deal.

A source revealed to the site:

Robert likes the brand.”

He should… Especially if he’s getting that much for the endorsement!

Pattinson follows the footsteps of his on-again girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, who is currently the face of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume.

What can you say about Robert‘s new project?

Photo By PR Photos

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