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HLN Anchor Ryan Smith On Chris Brown: ‘Don’t Give Special Treatment To Stars’

Did Chris Brown lie about completing his community service?

The singer appeared at the Grammy Awards on Sunday wearing all white and was seen snuggling with girlfriend, Rihanna.

The Grammys capped off a rough week for Brown who was accused by the Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney of lying about completing his court-ordered community service and then crashing his car in Beverly Hills following a paparazzi car chase.

Celebuzz spoke with HLN Evening Express anchor, Ryan Smith, to get his opinion on the latest happenings with Brown and whether he believes the singer lied about his community service.

According to Smith, “we can’t know for sure” whether Brown lied because even if he did not fully complete his community service, it might not necessarily be his fault.

“County officials tried to bend over backwards for a star. This was an unusual deal; usually if you plead guilty in one place, you serve that time in that place, but they let him serve it in Richmond, Virginia.”

Brown and his lawyers claim that they have statements asserting that Brown completed his community service, therefore, “unless prosecutors have concrete proof, he’s going to get off, and they will have learned a big lesson: don’t give special treatment to stars.”

You would think that the ongoing Lindsay Lohan debacle would have taught them something.

On April 5, Brown will be back in court. And if he loses, he will have to serve all 1400 hours of his time again.

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