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Sam Rockwell: 5 Awesome Performances & 5 You Won’t Remember

Through a barrage of fantastic performances, Sam Rockwell has established himself as one of the most reliable character actors working in the movies today. Over the last 15 years Rockwell has built a film resume that speaks volumes about his range as an actor, taking in comedy and drama and everything else in between. He is an actor who can not only hold his own with the best in Hollywood blockbusters, but also keep his feet firmly planted in the roots of independent film as well. He creates characters of seamless originality, with no two performances quite the same.

The great film critic Roger Ebert once compared his style to that of Christopher Walken, which is a high compliment to be compared to an Oscar winning legend. Hopefully one day soon Rockwell can join Walken’s company in legendary Oscar winner status, but until then and to celebrate the release of Seven Psychopaths we have compiled a portrait of the most memorable and the occasionally forgettable performances of Sam Rockwell’s career.

Let’s start with the awesome performances…

5. Awesome- Safe Men

This little seen crime caper comedy from 1998 features Rockwell in a truly hilarious role as a struggling slow-witted lounge singer, who along with his equally dim-bulb partner (Steve Zahn) are mistaken for a couple of safe cracking geniuses. Any movie that has Paul Giamatti playing a character named Veal Chop and Peter Dinklage as a french dwarf holding the Stanley Cup for ransom can’t be taken too seriously, but Rockwell shines in one of his first comedic starring roles.

In this movie Rockwell establishes his penchant for playing quirky off-the-wall characters, completely unaware of their idiocy, yet undeniably charming. Safe Men is an entertaining little gem and a great slice of an early Sam Rockwell worth seeking out.

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