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Is Sebastian Vettel A Genius Or Just Lucky?

Four time World Champion and endless records broken in the sport of Formula One.

Sebastian Vettel has done just that and has done it well.

The Red Bull driver has been unstoppable since 2010 and has even made Mark Webber, his team member, look merely average on most occasions. So why is he disliked? He has done the unthinkable and if he continues at this rate, is sure to beat Michael Schumacher’s 7 World titles. For me, Sebastian represents what Formula One is all about. He is a winner and whilst he has won ever race on the calendar, he still gets up every day and wants to win more. That in itself, shows a true champion.

We only have to watch his interview on Top Gear to know that Vettel is a down to Earth guy who just wants to be liked. The response he received from audiences after recent races was truly disgusting and they cannot be regarded as Formula One fans. If Lewis Hamilton won as much as Vettel did, he would get a completely different welcome from the fans. Vettel is, and will always be, a champion which has won not just because he has the fastest car on the grid. If this was the case, Mark Webber would be the 4 Time World Champion.

The team radio after the US Grand Prix last weekend just gave a little insight into what winning 8 consecutive races meant for Vettel. He clearly is a man who loves the sport. Again, we should not abuse or fight against this. Of course there have been times when Sebastian hasn’t made it particularly easy for himself. Comments made about other drivers and team’s work ethic did not go unnoticed at a time when he should have been trying to appease the fans.

When the new regulations are enforced next year, we will get a better picture of what Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel are all about. If it comes to light that Red Bull are not the quickest team next year, and Vettel continues to dominate, then there can be no reason to produce this level of negativity towards him. Up until now, it can be argued that Vettel only has to push to a certain limit as the car has done most of the work. Next year things will be different and I won’t be surprised if Sebastian is still at the front of the grid, once again.

I think it’s time for everyone to give Vettel a break. There will be another World Champion some day. The streak of Vettel will not go on forever, but we should embrace it whilst it lasts.

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