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Top 5 Superman vs Batman Movie Casting Rumours


Unconfirmed rumors – or hearsay, speculation some may claim- have exploded across the interwebs that actors have been cast in the Man of Steel sequel, which will not only feature Superman as played by Henry Cavill, but will also introduce a new Batman as well.

Warner Bros. surprised the world by announcing Ben Affleck would throw on the cape and cowl as the Dark Knight in the 2015 superhero romp. As soon as that casting was confirmed, wave after wave of “scoops” and “exclusives” (mostly emanating from alleged more parts were cast, filling out roles for lead villains and supporting characters.

While the gossip and fan outcry have generated page hits for the rumor mills, they have gone beyond the stuff of fanboy wet dreams and into the mainstream. Legitimate news sources have picked up on some of these stories, and word has actually gotten back to the actor in question regarding the role.

Interestingly, the interconnectedness of our times with social media gives this idle talk more oxygen to breath and grow into the question that’s on everyone’s lips, begging to be confirmed.

While none of the following casting has been confirmed in any way, shape or form, let’s take a look at the latest tittle-tattle on who may round out the ensemble cast with the Dark Knight over Metropolis.

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Superman Vs. Batman: 5 Reasons Christian Bale Needs to Return

The Dark Knight Rises

With the news out that the Man of Steel sequel is going to be a Batman/Superman crossover the talk about who shall play Batman is already the sound around the world. For many who have grown so accustomed and attached to Christian Bale, one has to wonder will Zack Snyder find a way to bring back Bale back?

I really hope so, I am not ready for a new Batman, and I’m not ready for a reboot it’s way too soon. I worry a new actor playing Batman so soon would not favor very well with the fans.

Which is why, I have 5 reasons that Christian Bale needs to return as our Dark Knight!

5. How Will A New Batman/Bruce Wayne Be Explained?


Well first off, if Christian Bale doesn’t return, how are they going to explain it? My question is are we going to have this huge backstory we already saw in Batman Begins? Doing this again is something we the fans do not need. We know Batman’s origins and we know what happened to make him who he is but bringing in a new actor you’re going to have to have a whole new back story. My worry such repetition will turn people off this movie.

I just feel it is way too soon for a reboot, Christopher Nolan brought an amazing Batman for my generation and I’m not ready to let that go yet.

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