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7 Alternate Scenarios From The Last Of Us We Learned At PAX 2013

The Last Of Us

You may not be aware of it but there’s a little gaming convention that just took place dubbed the Penny Arcade Expo. In plain sight were playable demos of highly anticipated titles, popular industry figures, and more, but it wasn’t all about celebrating the future of gaming.

In attendance were creative directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley of Naughty Dog’s unanimously praised contender for game of the generation let alone year, The Last of Us. They held a highly intriguing and informative panel which didn’t discuss themes or plot points that have been discussed to death already but rather showcased never before revealed information revolving around the conceptualization of the modern classic.

The upcoming bullet points will undoubtedly drastically spoil the entire game so read this after actually having played it although honestly, if you haven’t yet experienced this masterpiece that’s what you should be doing right now. Nevertheless, you have been warned of spoilers so continue on.

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10 Best Video Games Of 2013 (So Far)


2013 is far from over yet, but as us gamers are all too aware, we’re currently suffering through the annual summer gaming drought, where next-to-nothing of mention is released during the sunniest months because, quite naturally, folks are much more concerned with enjoying the sun than holing up inside with a 40-hour RPG. Things kick off in style once again in September with the release of GTA V, though until then, we’re going to have to make do with returning to the year’s best offerings we might have somehow missed.

Whether a brand-strengthening continuation of a popular franchise, a gritty reboot, or an entirely new project altogether, these 10 games captured our imaginations for a multitude of reasons, and the result was sheer gaming bliss. Here are the 10 best video games of 2013 so far, though expect this list to look quite different by the end of the year, especially with the next-gen overhaul coming in a few months…

10. Crysis 3

Crysis 3 1

Upholding the expectation that every game in the Crysis franchise has to be an absolute visual knockout, Crysis 3 is without question one of the best-looking games in the history of the medium. While the previous games each had distinct environments, the third game opted for diversity, giving us both the flora and fauna of the first game, and the urbanised locales of the second, while an increase in the array of weaponry – such as an exciting selection of new arrow types for the Predator Bow – allowed the game to promote a freedom of approach in excess of the prior titles.

Though the game is disappointingly short, the excellent multiplayer offering ensures it’s great value for money still, and brings the trilogy to a close in a diverting, often unforgettable fashion. What it lacks in confident character development it more than compensates for with sheer, beautiful mayhem.

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