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9 Reasons Why Harry Potter Wipes The Floor With The Lord Of The Rings

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It’s an intense argument heard over and over again, one which not only reverberates across the UK but across the globe, and I imagine it’s one that will continue to blaze and intensify until the end of time. Which is better, Harry Potter or The Lord Of Rings?

These two franchises are arguably the two paramount fantasy series’ of all time and both of them have instigated a huge worldwide fan-base and have had a great influence over upcoming fantasy literature and film. Undeniably, there is lots to love about both The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter and I am a devoted follower of both franchises. However in recent years, it appears as though The Lord Of The Rings faithful have edged this intense debate over their fantasy counterpart, and as a self confessed Harry Potter guru, I’m hoping to put across a decent enough argument to convince you Old Tolkienans out there to pick up your wands and join the Potterverse!

Perhaps a few neutrals amongst you will feel that neither series is better and that it’s impossible for one to surpass the other, however this argument simply doesn’t settle anything for the faithful Potter & The Lord Of The Rings fans out there, who want to live to see their beloved franchise outshine the other. Also, perhaps some neutrals will regard both series, despite both being of the fantasy genre, as completely different in their own right and that they cannot be directly compared. However I would argue that there are a large number of similarities that can be drawn about between the two franchises and specifically their characters. For example Gandalf & Dumbledore, Harry & Frodo, Sauron & Voldemort and Dobby & Gollum are all analogous and in this sense, some comparison can be drawn between the two.

I have to say, there is no counter argument against the brilliant complexity and arcane world of Middle Earth that Tolkein has miraculously crafted and such imagination will never be seen again in modern literature. However, there is also no argument against the fact that since the publishing of the first novel back in 1997, Harry Potter has mushroomed into a global phenomenon moulding the lives of millions of children & adults alike. It is clear that J.K Rowling’s series generates a much wider worldwide appeal than Tolkien’s, or anything other franchise on the globe for that matter. So as you can see each franchise has its redeeming features, however in this list I’m going to put across the perhaps slightly contentious view that Harry Potter has the upper hand. The Lord Of The Rings has enough advocates as it is, and it’s about time that someone rightly sticks up for J.K Rowling’s delightful creation.

Obviously some of you, or perhaps the majority of you will not agree with my view on the matter, so feel free to post your own opinions on the subject of this legendary, literary battle.

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