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TNA Bound For Glory 2013: 8 Matches That Could Happen


We are only three months away from TNA/Impact Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. Bound for Glory is the stage that all TNA wrestlers look to, to make their mark on the company. The Aces & Eights are still running wild and one can only think that they will have the great fall at the show of shows for TNA.

I’m taking a look at what I think the card will be/should be with a sense of realism. Based on the current directions of storylines I think I’ve come up with a reasonable card and one I wouldn’t mind seeing.

So please, click “next” to begin my card for the biggest show in TNA, Bound for Glory!

TNA World Title

8. Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

AJStyles copy

This one, I think, is a definite. Bully Ray versus AJ Styles for the TNA World title is my pick to headline the show. The Aces & Eights have been running wild and Bully Ray has shown to be one of the most entertaining heels in company history. Bully has put on some decent matches as champion and has cut great promo after great promo. I don’t see Bully losing this title before Bound for Glory but if he does, I definitely seeing him regaining it before October.

On the other side, you have AJ Styles: the lone wolf of TNA. Having deciding on not joining Aces & Eights, Bad Influence, & TNA, AJ Styles has been on his own and who better to save TNA than the guy who helped make it famous? AJ Styles has been a favorite since the inception of the company and I think it’s all going to rely on him to save TNA from Aces & Eights and the reign of Bully Ray.

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