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Who’s on Twitter? Vol. 13

There are more than 500 million people on Twitter. Some of them are teens. But some of them are famous people! And since we can’t all be Justin Bieber, Celebuzz is paying tribute to the decidedly less high profile users of Twitter.

Lori Beth Denberg
Age: 37
Occupation: Comedian
Twitter Handle: @LoriBethDenberg

I’ve got some vital information for ya: Lori Beth Denberg earned fame early on as one of the stars of the tween sketch comedy series All That on Nickelodeon. Since then she hasn’t really done much, though she was recently on an episode of Workaholics as herself. So she’s got that! And she’s got Twitter. And that’s really All That you could want. (Crushed it.)

What’s that you say? Lori Beth Denberg isn’t verified? How do we know this is actually her? Funny you should ask…

Here I am with today’s paper. So now you know this is really me and that low wages are blurring the job picture.

– Lori Beth Denberg (@LoriBethDenberg) August 4, 2013

Keep in mind that while this is the 90 s’ Lori Beth Denberg, this is not. That “Q” makes all the difference.

Denberg joined Twitter last December…

It’s official. The real Lori Beth Denberg has joined Twitterverse.

– Lori Beth Denberg (@LoriBethDenberg) December 20, 2012

…but she hasn’t used it much since then, though she did reach out to former All That co-star Amanda Bynes, which was sweet.

@amandabynes I would do anything for you.

– Lori Beth Denberg (@LoriBethDenberg) August 2, 2013

Just do today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Do your best with what’s in front of you. Lots of love. @amandabynes

– Lori Beth Denberg (@LoriBethDenberg) August 5, 2013

And, uh, that’s about it! Here’s something about Pootie Tang, if you’re interested.

We could achieve world peace in one night if everyone just got together, ate sandwiches, and watched Pootie Tang. Someone alert the U.N.

– Lori Beth Denberg (@LoriBethDenberg) August 8, 2013

And now you know who’s on Twitter.

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