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6 Tantalising Plot Details In The New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

Spider Man 2

Despite 2012 s reboot of the franchise, critically there didn’t seem to be a whole lot about The Amazing Spider-Man that lived up to such a name. Whilst personally I loved scenes like Spidey taking on the cops with his trademark sense of witty humour, the fact that the only reason the film existed whatsoever seemed to be Sony’s resilience to let go of the character, rebooting him with a fresh batch of actors, and even a new costume.

The new trailer is one gigantic explosion of teenage-fanboy euphoria made real by way of the Hollywood trailer-machine. One of the biggest missteps with the first movie was in the marketing, as besides the fact that the finished product essentially retreaded the same ground as before (even by paraphrasing the immortal “With great power, comes great responsibility” line), anyone who checked out the pre-release footage had before them a pretty accurate picture of how the entire movie would play out.

By focusing so much on that movie’s tower-toppling denouement, as soon as such a thing was put in place we all knew which way it was going, and despite one of the best Stan Lee cameos in recent memory, the film offered little else to any who did not already have their Spidey fan-goggles on.

Anyway, cut to the 5th of December 2013 and it’s time for a breakdown of the latest footage available. Does it give too much away? Our collective spider-senses are tingling, so it’s about time to dive in and witness the start of the hype machine for the most successful Marvel character of all time.

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ANDREW GARFIELD Belly Dances And Does “Gangnam Style” (VIDEO)

ANDREW GARFIELD belly dances and does the “Gangnam Style” during a recent appearance on “ELLEN.”

andrew garfield belly dancing

Andrew Garfield played a serious and handsome co-founder of Facebook in “The Social Network” and the newest Spiderman alongside real-life girlfriend, Emma Stone, in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” but who knew that the young actor can make fun of himself too?

For a good cause, that is.

The now heavily-bearded actor proved this when he dropped by on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show today where he was challenged by the comedic host to dance the Irish jig, the belly dance and even the sensational horse dance, “Gangnam Style” to raise money for his charity, “Worldwide Orphans Foundation.”

But, okay, Garfield is not the best dancer in Hollywood but he definitely did his best-while looking awfully adorable-to raise a few thousands!

Check out his awkward moves below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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