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10 Most Punchable Faces In Hollywood


We all have our favourite movies and movie stars but if you pay any attention at all to pop culture then you’re likely to get exposed to any number of terrible movies and movie stars whether you want to or not. These stars and their associated movies are crappy and terrible and yet their careers tend to continue rather than end and we get more and more awful movies starring these chumps.

That means press interviews, junkets, and they end up appearing on magazine covers, news programmes, internet clips, radio, posters – so many types of publicity that you can’t escape them and you just want to punch them in the face.

Because I don’t approve of hitting women, even in a hypothetical article like this, I didn’t put any on the list so it’s 10 guys but there are definitely a few women in Hollywood who deserve a Sean Connery (I’m looking at you Gwyneth!).

Here are 10 of those most punchable of Hollywood mugs.

10. Nicholas Hoult

nic hoult

Not that Nicholas has made anything truly awful film-wise, he is however just tremendously annoying . He has this eager-to-please attitude, an aw-shucks-golly-gee kinda face, and seems genuinely fake in every film he’s in. He was irritating in his first appearance alongside Hugh Grant in 2002’s About A Boy, whining his way through the movie, before popping up in Nicolas Cage’s The Weather Man as Cage’s teen son – a forgettable performance but then that whole movie was a mess – and becoming famous in the TV series Skins. Is there anything worse than seeing this guy naked and pursuing sex? Well he kept it up in 2009’s A Single Man before making the move to crappy big-budget Hollywood movies.

His timidity and false modesty as Hank McCoy/Beast in X-Men: First Class was one of the low points of that movie but he’s nevertheless coming back for the sequel, Days of Future Past, out next year. Most recently he featured as Jack in Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer, an overly-expensive adaptation of the classic children’s fairy tale that fared poorly at the box office (not to mention critically).

In nearly every role, he plays the bland good guy, putting in the bare minimum of effort to craft the most generic characters every committed to screen. That and those moronic ads for Tom Ford… grr…

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Mila Kunis Celebrates The Big 3-0 With Ashton Kutcher’s Family

Mila Kunis Celebrates BDay With The Family

Mila Kunis rang in the big 3-0 alongside her longtime beau Ashton Kutcher and some special out-of-towners in attendance, Celebuzz has learned.

“For her 30th birthday, Ashton’s parents and their significant others all flew out to L.A. for a week-long vacation just to celebrate her big day,” a source tells CB!

In fact, the stunning Ted star, who celebrated the milestone Aug. 14 and has been busy in Chicago filming Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum, made it a bi-coastal b-day in his hometown.

“Mila and Ashton went back to Iowa to spend some time with his family just before for a quick visit,” added the source. “So they wanted to be there for Mila’s birthday.”

But could they be celebrating something more?

The Sexiest Woman Alive has been spotted sporting a new band around that finger.

The only hitch in getting hitched is the fact that the 35-year-old Two And A Half Men star, who was in L.A. promoting Jobs during that celebratory week, is still married to ex Demi Moore, who filed for divorce nearly two years ago. So what’s the hold up? Apparently, Kutcher’s multi-millions.

But it’s not distracting the loved-up couple from their true feelings.

In fact, the pair of over one year is so in love they’re ready to take on their biggest roles yet… as mom and dad, Celebuzz previously reported.

“His family has been asking him if he’s going to have kids because he’s getting older,” another source told CB!. “He told them yes and that he and Mila weren’t taking any precautions against it.

“In other words, they’re not not trying to have a baby. If Mila got pregnant, she’d be fine with it.

“They’re ready to be parents.”

So a walk down the aisle and pitter patter of little feet? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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The Charlie Sheen/Chuck Lorre Debacle: How It Ended For Everyone

Screen Shot 2013 11 20 At 17 33 20

The much publicised fight between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre is something that anyone who was conscious for a decent portion of 2011, rolling over into 2012 and finally we’re still seeing the odd spark fly here in 2013. The ego’s protruding from these two very rich television personalities have allowed the odd drug-addled comment to escalate in a snowball effect eventually winding up in the demise of a few shows and a few careers. I am talking, of course, of the rather heated debate that escalated from a mixture of cocaine and Hollywood in the once popular sitcom Two And A Half Men.

Since this scuffle occurred, many of the cast and crew have jumped ship, with others being forced to do the same. Now that most of the arguments have died down (hopefully, unless you’re a journalist or a late night talk show host hoping for an easy day at work), let’s take a look at how these incredibly far from affable jests ended up for everyone, from Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre themselves to showrunner’s and the guy who co-created The Drew Carey Show looking to make a quick buck off a newsworthy celebrity and a decade old Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler comedy (don’t worry, there’s an introduction in there for the less sleazily cultured of readers).

Click “next” to find out!

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The 7 Celebs We’d Most Like To Be Marooned With On A Deserted Island

Being shipwrecked might be kind of awesome, right? Everybody loves the beach! It’s basically like a free, unlimited vacation to a super-exclusive eco-lodge. You can sleep under the stars! Eat coconuts! Lay under palm trees and listen to the gentle lapping of turquoise waters in a white sand beach.

Yeah, being shipwrecked seems like it might be okay for a little bit, but it would be hard to go it alone. Enter the 7 hottest – or most interesting – celebs we’d like to be marooned with on Malibu Island!

So just what is ‘Malibu Island’?

Create Your Own Malibu Island For A Chance To Win An Exclusive Maroon 5 Concert

Malibu will host an exclusive Maroon 5 concert for a small audience of ultimate fans. A location will be picked from the Malibu islands created across the country, so create or join an island to help choose the town where they’ll perform!

Click here to create your own Malibu Island with your friends.



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Ashton Kutche and Demi Moore r have filed for divorce

It has been a month in the making but it is now recognized. Demi Moore, 49, announced the other day that they may breakup your ex husband associated with six to eight many years, Ashton Kutcher, 33.

The difficulty began with reports that will Ashton had robbed in Demi while partying it throughout San Diego about the night before his 6 anniversary. Gossip been with them in which Sara Leal, 22, a local administrator associate, has been one other girl.

Photographs and also account after the break…

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Pre Divorce

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