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Royal Family Blames PRINCE HARRY’s Handlers For Nude Photo Fiasco

According to the latest celebrity news, England’s Royal Family is laying most of the blame for PRINCE HARRYs nude photo fiasco on his incompetent handlers.

Because hey, it’s not Harry‘s fault that he took his clothes off in front of a bunch of people!

SPX 0095991

Us commoners may be overjoyed over Harry‘s naked photo shoot during a party in Las Vegas on Friday, but his relatives-yes, those relatives-are definitely not happy. Not even a little bit.

Apparently, despite the fact that Prince Harry willingly bared his own crown jewels during a game of strip billiards with some girls he met at his hotel, it’s still not entirely his fault… because his team should have handled it.

First, the team should have asked all their guests (the ladies) to surrender their phones if they wanted to party with Harry; second, they should have been very firm on the “no photos” policy… especially after the prince’s clothes came off; and third, they should have been doing their job instead of enjoying the party.

A source tells TMZ:

Harry‘s team acted like a bunch of amateurs.”

What do you think, readers? Whose fault is it?

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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