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AMANDA BYNES Charged With Two Counts Of Driving On Suspended License

The latest Hollywood news reports that AMANDA BYNES has been charged with two counts of driving on a suspended license this month.

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Just when Amanda Bynes thought she got away with going behind the wheel on at least three separate occasions after her license was suspended by the DMV, she finally gets charged for it.

Following the suspension, the actress was pulled over but only for driving without headlights. She was again spotted cruising aimlessly around Los Angeles days after and finally ended her law-breaking streak last weekend when her car was impounded outside Burbank Airport last Sunday.

But according to TMZ, the actress could be convicted just for the last two incidents that took place outside Burbank, stating:

Bynes has been charged with TWO COUNTS of driving with a suspended license. The other incident also occurred at Burbank Airport. The two incidents occurred an hour-and-a-half apart.”

For each offense of driving with a suspended license, Amanda can face 6 months in the slammer.

But then of course these are only additions to her DUI charge and two hit-and-run charges.

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MILEY CYRUS Trespasser With Weapon Arrested Outside L.A. Home

MILEY CYRUS‘ trespasser, who was armed with a weapon, was arrested outside the pop star’s L.A. home on Saturday morning.


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Miley better be careful-a man allegedly armed with a pair of scissors was arrested after reportedly trying to invade the Cyrus‘ home in Los Angeles at 4am on Saturday morning.

According to Los Angeles police, Lt. Brian Wendling, Miley was not home when the incident occurred but employees inside the house had to call the cops after the intruder-identified as Jason Luis Rivera-rang the doorbell and claimed to be a friend of he pixie-haired singer-actress.

Wendling also went on to report that Rivera jumped the house fence and threw himself against an outside wall of the home (as if to break into it) before jumping behind bushes to hide from cops.

No charges have been filed.

Perhaps he was disturbed by Miley‘s hair that he wanted to do some serious trimming?

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PARIS HILTON Spotted On A Hot Beach Date With New Mystery Man

PARIS HILTON was spotted on a hot PDA-filled beach date with a new mystery man, celebrity gossip websites report.

Who is it this time?

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For a ridiculously wealthy hotel heiress, Paris has not been too picky with her men-she’s datined Cy Waits, Nick Carter and Stavros Niarchos, among many others. So it was not much a surprise that Hilton, who was last reported to date DJ Afrojack, was spotted with a new man.

It’s the first time for the aspiring house deejay and her new guy to be photographed together and they were nuzzling against each other for the cameras.

So who is this new squeeze?

Sources reveal:

“The mystery man is a ‘successful businessman from Europe’ … and he and Paris have been friends for years.”

Well, who ever it is, we’re sure he’s some rich tycoon.

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AMANDA BYNES Reportedly Involved In New Hit-And-Run Incident

According to the latest star news, AMANDA BYNES is reportedly involved in a new hit-and-run incident.

Wait… she’s still driving?

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After being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol-for which she pled not guilty in court-and several hit-and-runs in the past, the former child star has once again been pinpointed as a perpetrator in another hit-and-run incident in San Fernando Valley.

A woman named Kisa (last name withheld), who filed a police report yesterday, told TMZ that she was driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd. when she was rear-ended by a black BMW. Kisa later realized, after the woman who reportedly “looked like a hot mess” came down from the BMW, that the driver was, in fact, Amanda Bynes.

Kisa says she then repeatedly tried to exchange information with Amanda but the actress “seemed nervous about that” and even tried to downplay the damages on both their cars even though the Corolla’s bumper had been misplaced and her own BMW also had “significant” damage to it.

Amanda reportedly tried to push the bumper back into place (which didn’t work) and said there was no need to exchange info, so she got in her car and drove off.

Kisa told the site that she called the police afterwards, who soon responded to the scene. When told who it was who hit her, the attending officer reportedly responded, “Didn’t she just get a DUI?”

Interestingly, yes.

Amanda‘s rep has yet to respond on the allegation.

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