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David Beckham and Harper Pass on Fashion Week for Playground Play Date

While Victoria Beckham is away (uptown at New York Fashion Week), David Beckham and Harper will play (downtown).

After getting their fill of the front-row life, the father-daughter duo left the fashion hordes in the dust to head down to a SoHo playground. David pushed Harper on a swing, the two-year-old gave the slide a try, and the two tossed around pink plastic ball. It was aww-dorable.

At some point, they were joined by Molly Sims and her son, Brooks, 14 months. Was it be a set up? The pint-sized tots would make a cute pair.

Scroll through the play date snaps in the gallery, above.

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David Beckham Strips Down in New Fragrance Commercial, World Swoons

In David Beckham‘s new fragrance commercial, the soccer hunk tells his tailor, “I have all I need,” after he changes into a freshly pressed shirt, jacket, and spritzes himself with his scent.

Well, Mr. Beckham, your abs show is all we need to get us through another working day, as we count down the hours to the glorious weekend.

The ridiculously handsome Beckham shared the new ad for his fragrance “David Beckham Classic” on his Facebook and YouTube pages on Wednesday, writing, “Here is my new COTY campaign, we had fun shooting it! Hope you all like it.”

Like it? We love it.

Craving more from the 38-year-old stud? The campaign includes an interview with Beckham, by Beckham.

For example, when asked if he considers himself good-looking, Beckham says, “No, not really but I like to think I’ve got my own distinct look, which reflects who I am as a person and the way I evolve as a man.”

Someone get the man a working mirror.

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