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4 Reasons Why Dexter Finale Satisfies

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And so the saga of Dexter Morgan, at least on television’s Showtime network, has come to its expected and controversial end. As is the case with the most “end of series finales,” the audience becomes divided in reaction; both at the same time captivated & polarized, but also outraged at what has just taken place.

Most of the internet and bloggers and columnists are all buzzing with just how disappointing the Dexter finale turned out to be; but this article is not one of those discussions. Instead I engage you all to rethink what you’ve witnessed, and take a closer look at how Dexter Morgan’s tale wrapped up, and why it all was not really that surprising in the end.

4. The Final Season: Another Slow Burn, But Rightfully Serving Its Purpose

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These final few seasons of Dexter Morgan and the Miami Metro saga had been relatively slow, and for the most part, fairly un-moving. Aside from LaGuerta finally realizing who Dexter Morgan really is, last season was really a wash. And this final season was really more of the same, all of us wondering if he would ever get caught after what happened in that shipping container at last season’s end and if his sister would turn him in for all he had done.

But honestly, over time the show became about so much more than IF Dexter would ever get caught. Certainly we were all intrigued early on, so many years ago, sitting with baited breath and waiting for that moment when James Doakes would catch Dexter and reveal his secret to the world. What would his co-workers think? What would Deb think? These questions were the foundation early on in the show, but as time went on, the focus shifted, unknowingly to many viewers. It instead became all about the journey Dexter was on, trying to sort through his inner turmoil and quell his dark passenger… and become something more.

And so this final season of Dexter was actually quite masterful in bringing us to that endgame. With the early reveal that Dr. Vogel was actually someone from Dexter’s early childhood and instrumental in Harry’s development of his son, as an audience we were actually given the opportunity to take that journey of rediscovery with Dexter. He had found someone, someone who was essentially his family, long after Harry was gone. Dr. Vogel gave Dexter new insight into his past, into his early relationship with Harry, and into his lifelong development for who he had become.

But over the years Dexter had actually developed the ability to love, or what he considered love, a type of empathy really, and something a true killer should never be able to do. And so the return of Hannah McKay for the final season helped us see Dexter finally become something more than a person trying to keep his demons at bay. By the time we arrived at the series finale, Dex was committed to starting new, having fully realized, for the very first time, that he could possibly move on from who he was, and become something more. He wanted Harrison to have a mother figure in his life, and Dexter himself was forcibly ready to move on and begin again, away from Miami and the past he had created.

The final season of Dexter finally tied together these different facets of the overall story, and by the end of the season we witnessed everything come to fruition: with Dexter becoming more than a person with the desire to kill, who was finally putting his dark passenger to rest and committing to his own happiness…that is, until the final moments of the finale.

But why Hannah McKay, and why now, at the end of the show…

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TV Review: Dexter 7.6, “Do the Wrong Thing”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

It had to happen sooner or later. No, I’m not referring to Dexter and Hannah finally hooking up; I’ll get to that in a minute. I’m referring to the first episode this season which hasn’t had the same momentum as the rest of season seven. “Do the Wrong Thing” may be the worst episode this season, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad episode – there were plenty of great moments and it moved along well enough – it was just a bit of a departure from the preceding episodes this season.

The reason for that is the sidelining of Isaak in favor of greater focus on Hannah. With Isaak in prison (for the time being), he’s temporarily been removed as the primary immediate threat. This isn’t surprising; considering what a beast he was last episode it’s easy to imagine that if Isaak wasn’t somehow put in a corner, the season might be over already. So it makes sense that we’d take a small reprieve from dealing with Isaak who’s doing just swell in prison, breaking the wrists of any Columbians that obstruct his view. I say a small reprieve because thankfully the show didn’t do what they could have which is completely ignore Isaak until he returns from his incarceration. Instead we saw how he’s doing as well as how his people and Miami Metro are each busy preparing for his inevitable release.

But with the Ukrainian Terminator muzzled for the moment, Hannah, the mysterious femme fatale extraordinaire, commands Dexter’s complete attention. The episode opens with him stalking her with Ghost Harry whose appearances this episode were actually tolerable though used merely as a means for the audience to see Dexter’s conflicting internal monologue, something that doesn’t really warrant Harry’s appearance but because he actually made good points, I’m letting it slide. The scenes between Michael C. Hall and Yvonne Strahovski have been well written, amusing, and enjoyable, but it’s difficult not to see this as familiar territory already tread. First in season two there was Lila, a psychotic succubus intent on just generally being walking toxic waste, and then in season five of course we had Lumen, the damsel in distress. Granted, these women were each distinct individuals with totally different motives and characteristics, but they each filled similar roles for Dexter. Again, Hannah doesn’t exactly resemble either, but she’s clearly representative of a path Dexter has been down before on several occasions (though he’s not half as pretty, let’s not forget about Miguel Prado). Still, all episode Dexter struggles to balance his need to kill (and why not the flirty, hot, homicidal blonde?) due to all the stress he’s endured recently with the inconvenient truth that Hannah’s status as a merciless killer is somewhat murky. Basically I’m a bit conflicted as to where I think this is going as well as how it’s being handled. Sure, it’s entertaining, but it hasn’t really proven yet to be contributing much that we haven’t already seen.

In addition to Dexter making less than intelligent decisions regarding Hannah, he also demonstrated a definite lack in sound judgment when he pushed for Deb to take Sal Price, the crime writer, up on his offer for a date. Really? The one other guy on the planet that suspects Hannah is more than just a victim and you want to pair him up with the woman from whom you promised to not withhold information? Okay.

Debra and Dex weren’t the only characters to open up and tend to their personal needs; Angel, we come to find, is in the midst of deciding to retire so he can get away from the detective game and get into the restaurant business. I’m telling you guys, we are inching ever closer to an Angel spin-off sitcom on CBS. I like Angel but after Deb shot him down on the suspicious suicide of Alex the bartender, I’m glad to see some consequences and retirement isn’t an unreasonable one. However, as with Hannah, I’m not sure where this is supposed to be going. How will this serve any of the story lines which have been introduced thus far? How will this effectively contribute?

Quinn, on the other hand, while also dealing with personal business (which also happens to be super entwined with his professional work), is repeating past mistakes which will directly affect the plot by agreeing to tamper with evidence in the Isaak Sirco case in exchange for Nadia’s safety. We’ve all seen this coming and, what do you know, here it is. Quinn has always been so short-sighted and seemingly empty-headed that at this point each scene I see him in in which he isn’t either being killed is an utter shock and disappointment.

Surprisingly, the only person in “Do the Wrong Thing” who is staying on top of business is LaGuerta as she continues her search for anything that could lead her to the real Bay Harbor Butcher. This is another story thread for which the writers clearly have plans, but apparently can’t do anything about them until we get closer to the season finale. Despite meandering a bit, LaGuerta and Deb’s scene together was great to watch entirely because of Jennifer Carpenter’s incredible portrayal of Deb’s sneakiness in steering LaGuerta away from trails that would lead to Dexter while still upholding her duties as lieutenant.

Though Isaak’s scene with his Columbian friend and those between Dex and Hannah were the most compelling for me, I think my favorite was the latest installment in the ongoing conversation between Dexter and Deb regarding Dex’s devious deeds. In “Do the Wrong Thing” we finally got around to the Barrel Girl/Jordan Chase murders thanks to LaGuerta’s persistence. It was fun watching Deb finally put the pieces together about Dex and Lumen and I loved Dexter’s outburst when he said, “Let me worry about LaGuerta!”

“Do the Wrong Thing” definitely wavered and stumbled a bit, but it was still fun and considering the hot streak season seven has had, this lull may serve the seasonal arcs well by acting as a sort of calm before the storm. I’m curious to see how the show will make Hannah something more than just another love interest/accomplice. I’m eager for LaGuerta’s meddling to enter into the mix. Quinn is seriously close to losing his life (I hope). And I have to suspect that Angel will be sucked back in soon so that should be good too. Ultimately the second half of the season will determine exactly how successful “Do the Wrong Thing” really was so until we get there, here’s hoping for less meander aimless roaming and more Isaak the unstoppable killing machine versus our homicidal hero.

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