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The Last 24 Hours Of Lindsay Lohan’s Life As Told In Mean Girls GIFs

Yeah, actually, not that “grool.”

More happens in Lindsay Lohan‘s life in 24 hours than, well, pretty much the average person’s entire life.

Today, she appeared in court before Judge Stephanie Sautner once again, and while, the hearing was a littttle anti-climactic, except for the bit of shade that Her Honor threw at LiLo, the past 24 hours for Lindsay has been quite the roller coaster ride!

All we have to say to that is: WWCHD?? (What Would Cady Heron Do?)

Let’s take a look at Lindsay’s day in what we know best – MEAN GIRLS GIFS!!!

Yesterday, Lindsay’s now-former lawyer and probably the only good thing she had going for, Mz. Shawn Holley, was almost forced to get back on the Lohan case due to some paperwork dramz. Luckily, it all turned okay and Lindsay’s new lawyer Mark Heller was back on the case, in which we’re sure Shawn had this to say:


Plus, Lindsay’s co-star, porn actor James Deen, kinda went on the verbal attack against her, which had everyone going:


But, then, James gave us an EXCLUSIVE interview to clear the air. Bestiez again!


Then, in classic Lindsay style, our little redheaded minx claimed she was “sick with the flu” and requested to miss her day in court. We’re pretty sure that phone call sounded a little like this:


Mmm-hmm. Silly LiLo! OF COURSE just a day earlier, she was caught gallivanting in NYC taking in a day of shopping with some retail therapy in SoHo! Erm?? She looks pretty healthy to us!


Well, looks like Lindsay was ready to face her responsibilities and headed home to El Lay in preparation for her early morning hearing…


Oh, but as if things weren’t bad enough for Cady Lindsay, she and momma bear Dina Lohan were REJECTED by TWO Santa Monica hotels early Wednesday morning! Looks like Lindsay has been BLACKLISTED due to her whole “skipping out on the bill” reputation. When it rains, it pours…


Despite all that, La Lohan still made it into court at 8:30 am promptly this morning looking bright and bushy-tailed! Well, looking… bushy? tailed? Ah, we don’t know! The only thing we were noticing is that someone forgot what day it was…


Even though she wasn’t wearing pink and she wore a helluva lot of bronzer, Lindsay sat in front of the judge and listened to her verdict:


Judge Sautner ordered that even if Lindsay is found not guilty in the lying case, the probation in the jewelry-theft case could still be violated AND she ordered that all parties are to appear for another hearing March 1 at 9am for the pre-trial! Thankfully, she behaved herself and didn’t tell the judge to:


Phew! But, then, after it was allllll over, her new lawyer came out to speak to the press, giving us the same schtick we’ve been hearing for years….


All in all, a pretty eventful 24 hours for Lindsay! Let’s hope she stays INDOORS, gets some rest, and just waits it all out until Mean Girls comes to Broadway!


[All Images via Tumblr.]

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