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The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes’ 10 Stupidest Mistakes So Far

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Living in a zombie apocalypse must be hard for anyone, let alone the leader of a group. Yet still, when this fictional horror happens, time and time again we expect a man to rise up and take command. It’s just human nature – some people are born to lead, and just need the reason for doing so.

Rick Grimes is one of these men. As the for-all-intents-and-purposes protagonist of AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead, Rick has all sorts of problems. He began the series comatose, dealt with an unfaithful wife, a disrespecting son, various psychopaths and his rapidly-unraveling best friend, and that was just for the first two seasons. The third saw him engage in out-and-out war against another settlement while attempting to keep control of his own insanity.

Simply put, the man has it tough, so it’s only natural he’s going to make a bad decision every now and again. After all, nobody’s perfect, and when you’re under this much strain, it’s always possible that you’re going to screw up. So in honour of Walking Dead’s upcoming fourth series (which looks freaking awesome, by the way) I’ve decided to catalogue some of the Grimes Paterfamilias’ worst mistakes. If he can avoid errors of this magnitude this up-coming season, the prison might just have a shot.

Needless to say, there’s a SPOILER WARNING in effect.

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Breaking Bad: 5 Characters We Want To See Return For Spin-Off


The news all Breaking Bad fans had been waiting for finally arrived last Thursday with the announcement that the hit Vince Gilligan-created crime drama is getting a spin-off.

Entitled “Better Call Saul”, the prequel will follow Walter White’s dodgy lawyer Saul Goodman before he ever became associated with the former Chemistry teacher-turned-meth-cook.

AMC have confirmed the show will be one hour in duration and will take a more comedic slant to the gritty drama currently on our screens.

The news was welcomed positively by fans who are waiting for the show’s two final episodes before Breaking Bad reaches what is guaranteed to be a thrilling conclusion come the end of the month.

The chance then to see more from the Albuquerque-based show long after its official conclusion can only be a positive thing, and you won’t be hearing any complaints from us.

By designing the spin-off as a prequel, a ton of opportunities are opened up, such as reviving recently-deceased characters and giving supporting cast members more prominent roles.

And, of course, we’re thrilled we will be seeing more of Bob Odenkirk’s fantastic character Saul, the shady lawyer at the centre of this new venture.

But he’s not going to make this show a success all on his own and here we take a look at 5 Characters we want to see return for the Spin-Off.

Click “Next” to begin.

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10 Fictional Locations That Would Look Great In A Live Action Movie

Etheria Fright Zone

Fictional locations are almost as iconic as the characters who originate in them and some of them are visually very striking indeed.

When I first saw the likes of Krypton, Oa and, in particular, Asgard in the Man of Steel, Green Lantern and Thor movies respectively, I was blown away and seeing such locations brought to life on the big screen got me thinking which other examples would look great with a live action makeover.

The possibilities are endless, but I’ve pulled together a selection that I think would look particularly great in a live action movie (I should stress before you read on that my focus is mainly – though not explicitly – on comic book locations).

Without further ado, here are ten fictional locations that would look great in a live action movie…

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Liverpool vs Southampton: What System Should Brendan Rodgers Employ Following Coutinho’s Injury?

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

With Coutinho now sidelined for up to six weeks with a fairly random shoulder injury, Liverpool have lost their main creative spark and Brendan Rodgers now has a huge dilemma regarding who to put into the team whilst attempting to maintain the great momentum the Reds have built up since January.

The Ulsterman has a good number of options to consider with the Reds brimming with young, attacking starlets such as Moses, Sterling, Ibe, Henderson and Alberto, as well as the more experienced Iago Aspas. Let us also not forget the imminent return of the infamous Luis Suarez, too.

As well as the cover afforded by the growing squad, Rodgers has also brought in players with fantastic versatility and this means the Reds could line up in one of any number of formations from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 to 5-3-2. These two factors make Liverpool’s clash with Southampton this weekend all the more interesting. A number of questions need answering and whether or not Liverpool remain top of the league come Saturday night rests solely on Rodgers’s shoulders.

Here are some of the potential options available to BR come Saturday’s 3 o’clock kick off, with capital letters in the line ups denoting a change in personnel or starting position:

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Newcastle vs Hull – 5 Key Battles

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

This Saturday sees Newcastle take on Hull in hope of carrying on their strong run of form in recent weeks. Following an opening day defeat to Manchester City, the Toon have been on the up and are unbeaten in league and cup matches since then.

Hull have had an ok start to life back in the Premier League and have four points from a difficult looking set of opening fixtures. With the expected defeats to Chelsea and Manchester City, it has not been a bad start with a home win over Norwich and a good point achieved against fellow newcomers Cardiff.

The issue for both these sides seems to be goals with Hull managing just two in the league so far and Newcastle three. This sets us up for an intriguing counter on Saturday where both sides will be hoping to pick up another valuable win.

With this in mind I will look at the key battles in this match that with victory could see the game decided:

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10 Ways Marvel Shafted Spider-Man; and How He Can Be Restored

Spiderman One More Day

Marvel has some explaining to do. Spider-Man/Peter Parker is one of the most beloved characters in the history of comic books; perhaps second only to DC’s Superman. Since his origin in 1963, Spider-Man’s many adventures – based upon his mantra “With great power comes great responsibility” – have thrilled us and inspired us. Sad to say, Spider-Man isn’t really Spider-Man anymore. I mean that both literally and figuratively. In spite of his global popularity, the Wallcrawler has been treated as a stepchild by Marvel Comics by quite a while now. This mistreatment of the Amazing Spider-Man has angered his new fans; but has fostered true discontentment in his longtime fans (which I firmly consider myself).

It is all well and good that Spider-Man is enjoying great success at the global box office, in his animated television shows, in the world of video games, and in the merchandising world of toys and clothes. But all of those things were made possible through his monthly comic books. And that’s where Spider-Man most needs an infusion of love, strategic planning, and a back-to-basics approach.

In my not-so-humble opinion, here are ten ways Marvel has shafted Spider-Man:

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Republic Of Ireland’s 5 Most Memorable Moments

England 0 1 Ireland

Time is running out for the Republic of Ireland in Group C of the Europe World Cup qualifiers. After defeat to Sweden in their last game, qualification for Brazil is looking more unlikely than ever, and patience with Giovanni Trapattoni seems to be wearing thin. The “Boys in Green,” now need three wins from three to qualify for the World Cup while also relying on Sweden to drop points against Kazakhstan.

With things looking bleak for the current crop of players, perhaps it’s the best time to look back at some of the better moments in their history, ahead of their crunch game with Austria in Vienna.

5. Beating England 1-0 at Euro 1988

12th June 1988. Stuttgart, Germany

The European Championships in 1988 marked the first time that the Republic of Ireland had appeared at a major international tournament. Ireland finished top of a qualifying group that also featured Bulgaria, Belgium, Luxembourg and fellow home nation hopefuls Scotland. Only the top team from each group would automatically qualify for the European finals, and Ireland secured their place finishing only one point ahead of closest runner-ups, Bulgaria.

Ireland headed to the 8 nation tournament in West Germany, determined to make a name for themselves on their biggest stage yet. As if their first big tournament wasn’t special enough, the group stage draw left Ireland with an opening game against the old enemy, England. Expected to be second best to an England team playing at their best since 1966, the underdogs upset the odds by scoring within just six minutes. A Ray Houghton header found its way over the top of Peter Shilton and put Ireland ahead in front of over fifty thousand people in Stuttgart.

The second half was almost all England as Pat Bonner’s goal was constantly attacked by the strong opposing force of Lineker, Beardsley and Barnes. Indeed, England created enough chances to win the match comfortably, but just couldn’t find the back of the net. As the clock ticked down, Ireland continued to ride their luck, with more England chances heading their way in injury time. Bonner pushed a John Barnes header against the post and out for a corner in England’s final chance of the 90-plus minutes.

After holding on for 84 minutes since Houghton’s goal and a fantastic performance from Pat Bonner, the final whistle blew making Ireland 1-0 winners. The Irish fans stuck around inside the stadium for an hour after the match celebrating their huge win, while Bobby Robson publically blamed his players for the loss. The partying began for Euro 1988, and a further draw against the Soviet Union gave the Irish more to sing about. Unfortunately a loss in their last game against Holland allowed the Dutch to leapfrog into second in the group and eliminate Ireland from the competition. Despite crashing out in the first round Ireland had announced themselves on the international stage, and finished above England, who failed to pick up a point, losing all three games in the tournament.

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Burn Notice: 4 Reasons Why It’s Right To End


Beware, spoilers from the start.

Burn Notice is finally coming to an end on September 12th. Don’t get me wrong, for I am an avid fan of the series, it is easily one of my favourite shows currently on television, I do not want the series to end due to my own selfish reasons, but I do believe it is the right decision by the staff, it is better to go out strong rather than fade away.

Matt Nix’s series idealises a contemporary take on action vehicles of the 90 s, such as The A-Team and MacGyver, and has proved immensely popular with the series still competing strongly in the ratings table.

Burn Notice follows Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), a wrongly discredited spy, trying to figure out why he was ‘burned’ by the CIA and who was behind it, teamed with his on-off girlfriend and gun runner Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar), ex-navy seal Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) and later on, a man who Michael accidentally got burned, Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), and supported by his hardskinned mother Madeline Westen (Sharon Gless) and brother Nate (Seth Peterson). The episodes follow a ‘villain of the week’ format whilst each season has an arc based on Michael burn notice.


Seven seasons, and a TV movie (Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe) have come and all but gone with the final episode looming. This series has focused upon Michael’s final mission, one which will earn his and his friends freedom, yet means he has to go deeper than he ever has since being burned. We have seen a darker side to Michael, from the opening to the first episode ‘New Deal’ which sees Michael portraying a cover as “an alcoholic ex-spy committing the occasional crime to pay the rent” in the Dominican Republic, all the while hunting a former colleague Randall Burke (Adrian Pasdar), the man who the CIA believe is at the head of a terrorist organisation.

The seventh, and last, series has ended questions over the fate of ‘Dead Larry’ Sizemore (Tim Matheson) and even the diabolical anti-Michael, Simon Escher (Garret Dillahunt). Now it comes to the final episode and the fate of the main cast must be settled.

For me the series could have continued further but these are four reasons why the show is right to call time.

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9 Most Disturbing Music Videos You’ve Ever Seen


Horror and revulsion is unquestionably gratifying for the typical viewer.

Visits to the local cinema to watch the freshly released horror film seduces those who want to indulge in the explicit violence and blood that relentlessly hits the screen, while exposing one to terrifying visuals, leaving us to scream and tremble in the corner of our seats.

While it is apparent that cinema has killed the video star, music videos, if executed superbly are a perfect place to explore and be exposed to the genre.

Artists commonly shy away from having such content in their music videos in fear of attracting such negative criticism and controversy, while potentially alienating audiences. For those who are drawn to such imagery, there are artists who neglect such uncertainties and do it regardless.

This list will some now explore nine disturbingly delectable music videos ever made.

Warning: Discretion is advised. This list contains graphic content that will cause considerable repulsion, yet inquisitiveness will entice you to read on.

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Bundesliga Round Up: Matchday 4

Schalke 2 0 Leverkusen

Bayern’s draw against Freiburg in midweek gave Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Mainz the opportunity to move above the Bavarians in the table but only one side could take advantage.

Hannover earned their second home win of the season and ended Mainz 100% start with a 4-1 victory. The visitors took the lead on the 12th minute through Nicolai Muller but Mame Diouf equalised just after the half hour mark, before Artur Sobiech headed the home side into the lead. 10 minutes from the final whistle Didier Ya Konan put the hosts 3-1 up and Eric Prib netted his first goal late on to give the scoreline a one-sided look.

Schalke had a disastrous start to their season but the Royal Blues secured an impressive 2-0 win against previously undefeated Bayer Leverkusen. Kevin Prince-Boateng made his Schalke debut and caused problems and Hoger flicked home Farfan’s free-kick on the half hour mark. 7 minutes from time Farfan got on the scoresheet himself from the penalty spot.

Monchengladbach defeated Werder Bremen 4-1 at home to secure their second win of the season. Arango gave the hosts the lead before Raffael doubled their advantage in the second-half. A comeback looked possible when Nordveit put the ball into his own net with 20 minutes remaining but just 5 minutes later Kruse restored the two goal advantage, with Herrmann putting the game beyond any doubt with 5 minutes to go.

Hamburg comfortably secured a 4-0 victory against Eintracht Braunschweig with Van Der Vaart and Zoua scoring early goals for the hosts. Calhanoglu netted a late brace to ensure Hamburg’s first win of the season was by a large margin.

Elsewhere, Wolfsburg scored two in quick succession to end Hertha Berlin’s unbeaten won. Olic opened the scoring after 43 minutes before Diego netted a penalty to double the hosts advantage heading into the interval.

A late goal from Vogt gave Augsburg a narrow 1-0 win away at Nuremberg, leaving the hosts second bottom in the Bundesliga table and still without a win.

On Sunday, Dortmund did exactly what they needed to do and secured a 2-1 victory at Frankfurt. Mkhitaryan hit a brace, with a goal coming either side of Kadlec’s equaliser for Frankfurt. The victory puts Jurgen Klopp’s men 2 points clear of rivals Bayern at the top of the table.

In Sunday’s only other fixture Stuttgart smashed six past Hoffenheim and won 6-2. A hat-trick from Ibisevic, alongside a brace from Maxim and a goal from Rudiger gave Stuttgart their first victory of the season- having previously lost all 3 of their previous Bundesliga matches. Volland and Firmino were on target for Hoffenheim.

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