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Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

AMC’s popular T.V show, Walking Dead, which shattered cable T.V ratings in the fall, is set to return for a 3rd Season. The show is set make its winter premier on the 10th of February. The show is basically a zombie drama that fans just can’t seem to get enough of.

the walking dead season 3

Due to the shows big success, its 3rd season premier is highly anticipated. There has been constant chatter on AMC’s blog and on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter about the season’s premier. If the previous seasons of the show are anything to go by, the fans can be sure of a captivating and thrilling new season.

The shows upcoming episodes were overseen by Glen Mazzara. Glen, who is the show’s outgoing runner, will be replaced by Scott Gimple for season 4. Despite this controversy, most fans are largely concentrated on what the new season will offer as opposed to the backroom drama.


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Kristin Cavallari Reveals Valentine Plans

Kristin Cavallari, popular actress and television personality who became popular through her debut in the TV series Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County and its MTV spin-off The Hills has a lot to look forward to during this year’s upcoming Valentine’s Day. This is because it will be the first Valentine’s she will be celebrating as a new mom after she gave birth to a son Camden Jack with her fianc Jay Cutler.

kristin cavallari valentine plans

During an interview at a Chicago Gillette Kiss and Tell event where couples were taking smooth tests, Kristin Cavallari valentine’s plans were revealed. This year, she will be keeping it simple and cozy. “I’ll probably cook dinner at home. It will be romantic and sweet and just easy,” she stated.

According to Kristin Cavallari valentine’s plans, her best gift for this year’s holiday of love is appreciation she receives from Jay and the help he gives her.We wish her all the best during this fantastic celebration.


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Pink Sued By Ex Producers over Unpaid Royalties

Pink, the award winning US superstar, has been sued by the ex producers for unpaid royalties from her first debut album.

The news of pink sued by ex producers is now spreading in the media houses and major social sites like a bushfire. Pink has been accused of failing to pay the former producer twenty thousand pounds, according to the lawsuit that was filed last month in a New York court. Pink hard signed a contract with the Specialists Entertainment company and the Thunderstone Productions for the production of her album, Cant Take Me Home, that was debut in 2000.

The album sold over five million copies and was top in the major charts and billboards.The lawsuit states that the two companies, Specialists Entertainment and the Thunderstone Productions had agreed to share the royalties to the tracks that they produced together on a 50-50 basis. The two tacks in controversy is the hiccup and can’t take me home.

pink sued

However, since the release of the album, specialists Entertainment claims that they have never received any royalties from the sales proceeds. The company has sued Pink for unpaid royalties to the tune of twenty thousand and six hundred and thirty three pounds.
Despite Pink being on the center of the lawsuit, a representative of the star has denied that it is not the responsibility of the star to ensure that the royalties were duly paid.

Alicia More, the representative of the star said that it was the responsibility of her recording company Sony to ensure that the producers are all paid. Since the release of the controversial album, Pink has worked on many songs and produced a total of five albums. The most recent of them all is the Truth about love that went up to the second position in the charts across the UK.

Photo credit : Angela Weiss/Getty


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Is The World Ready for another Kardshian

It was all music and dance at Kanye West’s concert at Revel, Atlantic City till Kanye West stopped the music. This was not out of jest or gimmick, but to announce the arrival of a new Kardashian into the world. He announced to the jubilant crowd that his baby mama was having his baby confirming the rumors. Kim Kardashian was in the crowd much to the delight of his fans.

She later confessed on her blog that she was pregnant and was excited about the ‘new beginnings in 2013’. Kim is still battling a divorce with Kris Humphries of Brooklyn Nets. The couple that had started dating in April was now getting ready for their first child.Things had gotten pretty serious quickly between the two and this pregnacy goes a long way to prove it to the world about them.

kim kardashian pregnant again

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian expressed their excitement on tweeter with expressions of joy for their sister. The co star of the Kardashians show is well on her way to becoming a mother. Kim also expressed how she wished that Kanye’s mom and her dad who had both passed away would have been there to see the baby. The responsible Kim Kardashian seemed to take the whole idea with a stride.

The star had expressed that she had wanted a family earlier in September and said that she wanted kids at that point in life. This seemed like a prayer answered as she termed the baby as a ‘blessing’ for her and the rapper, Kanye West. The family went viral with comments with form the news. Keeping the secret of kim pregnancy was hard considering the many family members tweeted Khloe.

Her husband Lamar Odom was happy for her in law and welcomed the unborn to the world. Is the world ready for another Kardashian?


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2012’s Best Dressed Men: The Blunders They Made

Fashion and style blog always has its photographers on the hunt for the best and worst dressed celebrities.

The Cannes film festival is one of the most colorful events in the Hollywood calendar with celebrities looking to out do each other with their dressing. Here are a few blunders which some celebrities, known for their keen fashion sense, made on their dressing during the star studded event

Guy Pearce seemed to have replaced the ‘sun’ in sunglasses with moon. Every celebrity worth their salt in Hollywood knows that you cannot wear sunglasses to a night time event and get away with it. Mr. Pearce must have learnt this the hard way after the fashion cop caught up with him in black sunglasses.

best dressed men 2012

It is said in Hollywood that you can never go wrong with a black tuxedo. Well, guess what? Ewan McGregor made sure he proved just how false this statement is. His tux had no problem at all. He managed to kill the look with his hair. Yes, his hair! A black tux should be accompanied by an equally good hairdo. To say the least, his hair was nothing close to what the suit looked like.

Brad Pitt made the list of shame with his t-shirt and suit look. There are people who would pull this look off without much trouble and Brad is clearly not one of them. The white t-shirt was a total failure. It did not fit well and was even made worse by the matching belt he had on. Brad really hit a fashion low with this one.

Alec Baldwin made the number one mistake that a man in a tuxedo should avoid. Failing to remove the label from the suit makes people think the suit is rented Alec!

We hope the stylists of the affected celebrities will pull up their socks next time!

Photo credit : Esquire


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Justin Bieber & Selena Split Headlines are Causing Delight Amongst Young Girls

Justin Bieber Selena broke up headlines are causing a massive debate whether this is in fact good news, or devastating for fans. The two year relationship between the two pop artists came to an emotional end. The couple has been having problems for a while; however, Selena confirmed that she has broken the relationship off, due to major trust issues.

Their busy schedules and difficult lives had placed an immense strain on the young couple, and Selena felt there were too many trust issues to continue. There have been many rumors surrounding Justin’s apparent flirting with models at the recent Victoria Secret event. Justin was also seen at a musical with one of the Brazilian models, which was not a smart move.

Selena was said to be outraged as this public display of flirting, and Tweeted a photo of Justin and the model. Justin Beiber is believed to have taken the news badly, and shortly after being told he went on stage to perform. During this performance in New Jersey, he sung one of the most well known break-up songs.

The young 18 year old choose to sing Justin Timberlakes famous Cry Me a River, which was believed to be dedicated to Britney Spears after they split. This song was an extra in the Beiber concert, and no one was expecting it as it was not on the set list. Throughout the weeks before the split, Justin had remained quiet, and continued to Tweet short messages regarding the concerts.


The people closest to Justin have expressed how emotional he feels at the moment and that through his love of singing, this emotion can be released. The singers Tweets have remained short and have focused on other things such as Obama being re-elected, and the success of his concerts. There have been very few comments made regarding the Justin Bieber Selena broke up headlines; however, Justin was interviewed on a radio show recently.

When asked about the split, he stated that he did not know what to say and that he was unsure of the direction his life was going in at this time. Justin has confirmed that it was not his decision to split and that he was hoping they could get back together. However, Selena has made it clear that she cannot go back to the relationship through various different Tweets.

Selena is currently in New York on a promotional tour to get feedback on her clothing line; however, she appears to be distracted. The Singer has been photographed looking incredibly serious, and there are rumors that she has agreed to meet up with Justin. This could result in them working things out, and Justin convincing Selena that there was nothing between him and the model.

They are both keen to talk, and their relationship has always been volatile; however, this may be too much for Selena to forgive. They are both remaining discrete regarding the planned meeting, and with them both being stubborn, it is unknown if they will be able to work things out and get back together.


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Stunning Gisele Bundchen Pregnant Pictures Look Incredible

Gisele Bundchen pregnant pictures have reassured thousands of women that you can look stunning all through your pregnancy. The world’s highest paid supermodel is expecting her second child and remains sexy, stunning and out on the town. As she approaches her due date, the Brazilian supermodel continues to dine out with friends, and enjoy life.

Some critics feel that the 32 year old wife and mother is exhausted, and needs to slow down and spend some time at home with her feet up relaxing. However, she claims that she feels excellent and is counting down the days for her new baby to arrive. The photos of her leaving the restaurant were far from flattering; however, she continues to state that she is fine, and was just a little overwhelmed by the cameras.

In true supermodel style, Gisele, decided to attend the beach with family at the weekend, and sported an incredibly small bikini. The baby bump may be large, but the Gisele Bundchen pregnant pictures continue to display this supermodels excellent figure. From the back you would not even know that she was expecting a baby, let alone that she was so far into her pregnancy.

gisele bundchen pregnant

Although she may be an older Mom, Gisele remains active and has enjoyed carrying her second child. Spending time with family and friends is the ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, and Gisele is enjoying the time before the new addition joins them very soon. Both of her pregnancies have been straightforward, and she has enjoyed every moment.

The new baby will join the couple’s ever growing family, with their own two year old child, and her husband’s child from a previous relationship. Both Gisele and husband Tom have busy work schedules, and are ensuring that they spend as much time as a family as possible.

Photo credit : OPK/WENN


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Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized with Lung Infection

After spending some time in New York partying and enjoying more than a few cigarettes during her stay, Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the emergency room by her mother, Dina, after contracting a lung infection which she believes was caused by the high pollen count in the city.

Lindsay Lohan was released from the hospital on Tuesday with Dina Lohan stating that her daughter is feeling much better and that the pollen took a toll on her daughter who has suffered from bronchial asthma ever since she was a child which has put her life at risk several times. During Lindsay’s younger years filming the “Parent Trap,” the scene where she and her on set father rode off on the horses caused her to become hospitalized because of an allergic reaction to the animals.

Lindsay’s father also states that there have been many other occasions where they have come close to losing their daughter but unfortunately they haven’t tried hard enough to keep her protected and Lindsay has failed to see that cigarettes are a contributing factor.


Many people are refusing to have any sympathy for what the star is going through because of all of her legal and personal troubles. It’s believed that her smoking is more of a cause than what her mother is describing as a high pollen count from her stay in New York but both factors coming together can cause serious complications for anyone who suffers from asthma. If the star truly cared for her health and wanted to avoid any near death situations, smoking a cigarette should have been the last thing on her mind.

From drinking to drugs, stealing and even hit and runs, she’s become far from a role model for anyone and has left many people in shock over the person that she has become. From a sweet, innocent little girl, she’s turned into a walking disaster no matter where she goes.


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Double Trouble in Paradise for Humphries family

One year after the famous fairytale wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Kris’s mother Debra has announced that she is filing for divorce from her husband and father of their three children, William. While it is unknown how long the couple has been married and what brought the sudden difficulties in their marriage, it sure lasted longer than Kim and Kris’s 72 days.

William Humphries is a former University of Minnesota football player who turned his athletic career into a successful business profession by owning several Five Guys Burgers and Fries throughout Minnesota. It’s believed that the divorce could get a little messy since no prenuptial agreement was signed while going into the marriage. At the time, William didn’t own any of the Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchises so Debra might be cashing in on some of the businesses as well once the divorce is finalized.

kris humphries family divorce

While Kris’s parents are going through their own drama, Kris has prolonged the divorce process between him and Kim because he believes their whole marriage was for publicity purposes. Even though Kim’s fairytale wedding had a hefty price tag, the family still brought in over $17 million for all the coverage of their extravagant ceremony. He believes all the drama while he was on the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was another way for her and the family to cash in especially since she called off their marriage in such a short period of time.

Her reasons being she wanted to focus on her career with her family and leaving them for Minnesota was never going to be an option for her. Even though the two signed a prenuptial agreement, he still has the ability to sue for being involved in a reality television show for reasons that he wasn’t aware of. Kris is hoping that he can set Kim straight with all of her publicity stunts but on top of it all, dealing with his parent’s own divorce is going to make everything a little bit more stressful and challenging.


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Sharon Osbourne leaves America’s Got Talent

Sharon Osbourne explains the reason she is leaving one of the most greatest shows ever,America’s Got Talent.

It looks like she is upset that NBC fired her son,Jack Osbourne just after they found out he is multiple sclerosis.

“I just can’t be fake. It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled. All they can do is stop me from being a judge on another network for five years.”

sharon osbourne 2012

NBC says:

“Sharon has been a valuable part of the NBC family. We regret any misunderstanding and wish Jack well.”

We can say that life is hard and we can’t control everything,NBC is right at some points but Sharon has one good opinion too.


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