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How News Broke That Kate Middleton Went Into Labor

Photographer Jesal Parshotam and his colleague, Darren Sacks have been anticipating the Duke and Duchess arrival at St. Mary’s Hospital, just like everyone else. However, it was a hunch last night that made him wait it out while other members of the press went home.

“We took a guess. It was a full moon so we thought why not come down? We stayed there from 8pm in the evening until about 5.30am,” Parshotam told the Evening Standard.

“We were just standing outside chilling and talking and then it all happened. The cars showed up. They were very, very simple cars – it was very discreet…the protection officers jumped out and they all rushed in. It was a very swift manoeuvre. The Duchess went in and the cars were gone very quickly – within a minute. That was it.”

Parshotam, who has been a celebrity and royal photographer for two years, decided ahead of time that he would not photograph Her Royal Highness. Instead, he tweeted from the scene “Kate Middleton has gone into hospital” just before 6am GBT.

“We had decided in advance we were not going to take a photo of her,” Parshotam told the paper. “I made that decision – she’s a woman in labour. I just wanted to photograph the commotion and convoy of cars. That was a personal decision we both made. To take a picture of her would have been over stepping the mark.

“The protection officers were surprised to see us. They asked us why we were there and questioned us.”

It’s believed that Catherine went into labor naturally, and as of press time, she is “progressing well.”

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