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Kate Moss Smizes While Naomi Campbell Gets Nekkid For Interview’s September Issue!

We know that September issues are made to be magical, but holy smakerals!!

Interview magazine has officially outdone itself by snagging both Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss for their September covers, amongst five other iconic supermodels!

Naomi even gets butt nekkid for photogs Mert & Marcus, and judging by the looks of her bod, 43 must be the new 23. Either that or the supermodel has taken us back in time!!

Unfortunately, Kate didn’t pose for a full frontal, but the 39-year-old still looks stunning — freckles and all!

Check out Naomi’s NSFW pic (below)!

[Image via Interview Magazine.]

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Kate Moss Is Doing ‘Playboy’

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Playboy has booked Kate Moss for its January/February 2014 issue. The news was confirmed by Hugh Hefner‘s son Cooper who tweeted, “Kate Moss will be gracing the cover of our 60th anniversary issue this January. It’ll be a great issue.”

Certainly this isn’t Moss’ first time going nude for a photo shoot, but it is Moss’ first time in Playboy. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Playboy‘s editorial director called Moss the “perfect partner.”

“This is a massive global brand,” [Jimmy] Jellinek said of Playboy. “You need a global icon in order to celebrate that – that was the impetus. You’re talking about the face of Burberry, the biggest supermodel in the world on the cover of Playboy. She’s the perfect partner for us to help launch the next 60 years.”

Moss has already shot the cover, for which she dons the iconic bunny suit. A Playboy source tells us it was shot at the same manor used in Downton Abbey. Moss will reportedly appear fully nude in the pages of the magazine. The issue will be on (very progressive) newsstands this December.

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Naomi Campbell Talks 25-Year Friendship With Kate Moss! Read All About Their Shenanigans HERE!

We love celebrity friendships!!!

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss have shared a beautiful friendship for the past 25 years, and now, on the occasion of Mossy’s 40th birthday, Naomi has written a sweet homage to her close friend of the past two and a half decades.

She shares a lot, while also keeping some things to herself, and it’s really quite endearing to read about these two supermodels’ enduring companionship from Naomi herself!

These two were meant to be!

Read on for some fun deets!

Naomi recalls her first ever meeting with her fellow British model, saying:

“I first met Kate Moss in Los Angeles in 1992. She was 15, I was 18. It was a brief meeting but I remember her being strikingly quiet, she hardly spoke. She can be very shy at times – if she doesn’t know you she doesn’t speak. The other striking thing, obviously, was her beautiful face. I knew she was special from that first minute I saw her.”

Naomi also maintains that despite her larger-than-life status, Kate is totally down-to-earth:

“What’s Kate like? Well, she’s honest, loyal and straightforward. There’s no bullshit. She’s not pretentious in any way. What you see is what you get. I love that about her. After all, we’re both from south London – I’m from Streatham, she’s from Croydon – and from working-class families. She’s never tried to be anything else and nor have I. We know our roots.”

She also shares how Christy Turlington became the third member of their party (the three are pictured above at a Versace fashion show in South Africa in 1998!), saying:

“I was lucky enough to have met Christy Turlington already, and then I took Kate under my wing and we became a three. Christy and I showed Kate the ropes. If we knew a designer was a certain way we’d explain it to her, we’d tell her how people worked and what to look out for. We’d share everything. We worked so hard in those days, and then in the evening we would go out, for dinner, to concerts. Kate lived between Christy’s flat and my flat in New York and then when we travelled to do the shows in Italy and Paris, we’d try to stay in the same hotels and on the same floor. We might have a break somewhere like Marrakech after the collections and then we’d be back to face 25 shows.”

Naomi quickly learned that Kate’s fashion sense couldn’t work on everyone. She explained:

“We were like sisters. Kate was cool, stylish. She’d sometimes tell us how to dress – “You need to be a bit more funky and downbeat,” she’d say. On her advice I once wore Adidas sneakers with a Galliano dress, which in retrospect was an appalling faux pas. I realised that Kate Moss could get away with things that the rest of us couldn’t.”

Then there was the time the two snuck into a Nirvana show! Naomi recalled:

“After one Sunday lunch we wanted to go and see Nirvana, who were playing at Columbus Circle, where the old Coliseum was, but we didn’t have tickets. We decided to blag it. So we get there and say, “So have our tickets been left here?” And the woman was like, “No, I’m sorry, there’s none.”

We did the whole, “that’s so weird because they are supposed to be here”. And all the while the lady is looking at Kate Moss. Her picture was all over New York for Calvin Klein at the time, and they must’ve thought, well it must be true. So in the end we got to see Nirvana and we got backstage. Where there’s a will there’s a way, we’d say.”

Naomi also has too many good memories to count with Kate! She said:

“There are so, so many good times I remember, so many. There was the time in February 1998 when we flew to meet Nelson Mandela in Cape Town.

Kate helped me pull together a load of people for a benefit for The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and we did it in a short amount of time. We were adventurous. Granddad [Mandela] had a tea party for us in the Presidential House in Cape Town and he introduced himself to everyone – hairdressers, make-up artists, everyone. Amber [Valletta] was so overwhelmed she started crying. That was such a memorable trip to share with friends.”

And even after all these years, the two are as close as ever!

“Perhaps what I love best about Kate is that she tries to keep the child within her, I would never want her to lose it. Yes, she’s 40, I’m 43, but it’s always great to have your child in you. It’s that vulnerability that makes you special, that makes you do the creative things, she so has that and when we’re together it comes out. We’re like we’re at secondary school. That’s what happens with girlfriends who’ve grown up together. That’s the charm of the friendship.”

Read the full piece HERE!

And check out more pics of the duo in the gallery (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kate Moss Gets Pinned In A LBD!


Kate Moss was keen on keeping her black and gold trend going!

The supermodel channeled Elizabeth Hurley at DJ Grimshaw‘s birthday party in London on Friday.

Mossy wore a LBD covered in little gold safety pins, which she paired with strappy black heels and a black clutch.

It’s very Kate, but also kinda dangerous, especially after a night of boozin’ it up.

Hopefully she made it home safe and sound and without any puncture wounds!

[Image via WENN.]

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