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10 Totally Unnecessary Movie Scenes That Served Zero Purpose

The Matrix

Have you ever stared directly at a scene in a motion picture, only to find yourself thinking: “What in God’s name was that about?” I’m not talking about those parts in movies where the filmmakers purposely throw in a zany dance sequence or a wacky interlude because – look! – we want you to know how random and crazy we’re being, but moments where bizarre, unrelated things happen and there’s no explanation is ever offered up until you get home to find that other, like-minded people with working brains have picked up on the insanity and are talking about it on the internet.

You know, all those scenes that detract from the story for no identifiable reason, forcing you to comprehend everything that you ever thought you knew about “logic” and “the movie business.” Here’s 10 of that nature: scenes in various movies that just seem to occur out of nowhere, adding absolutely nothing to the product as a whole, almost as if the writers were forced at gunpoint to come up with the most inappropriate or ill-fitting happenings imaginable. How the heck did these pointless scenes make it into the final cut, Hollywood? You have some serious explaining to do.

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Naomi Watts: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Naomi Watts Diana

Naomi Watts is a good actress. There, I’ve got that out of the way. Although originally born in Shoreham, Kent, Watts began her career in 1986 appearing in The Love Alone, before setting on that familiar path of Australia-based actors – soaps. She then went on to supporting roles in films such as Flirting (good film, you should see it) before properly exploding onto the Hollywood scene with David Lynch’s surreal mind-f**k Mulholland Drive.

Since that role, she’s had an up-and-down career, churning out both brilliant films and absolute clunkers. She’s obviously extremely talented – you don’t get Oscar nominations for no reason – but like most actors outside of Daniel Day-Lewis, can occasionally fall foul of poor decision-making or a bad performance. From the advance reviews it appears she’s struck disaster again with Diana. For my money, this is a shame – most of the time, she can be relied upon to deliver excellent performances, and I hope this article makes that apparent.

Of course I am also obliged to point out her poor performances, and Diana not-withstanding (I don’t mention it in this because I, like most of you, haven’t seen it), there are a number of those sprinkled among the gems.

So without further ado, let’s get down to our weekly column. Keep in mind, there’s a SPOILER WARNING in effect.

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