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The Week In Tabloid Fodder: Fact Vs. Fiction

It’s that time of the week again when the celebrity weeklies hit the newsstands. To separate what’s real and rumor, we turned to our friends at Gossip Cop for the 411 on this week’s most controversial stories.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are planning to “tie the knot in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania within the next few months,” reveals Star. The magazine says Gaga “likes the idea of a low-key wedding around Lancaster.” For more details on the pair’s upcoming nuptials, go to Gossip Cop.

Kanye West hasn’t let Kim Kardashian leave the house since she gave birth to their baby, reveals In Touch. The magazine says the reality star feels like a “prisoner” because West “brought in more security around the house and won’t let Kim leave.” For why the rapper is trying to keep Kardashian away from the public eye, click over to Gossip Cop.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are “preparing” to add “two more babies to their brood,” reveals OK! The magazine says Jolie is “on a mission” to have another set of twins, and is considering undergoing in vitro treatment to get pregnant. For more on the couple’s baby plans, log on to Gossip Cop.

Jennifer Aniston “lashed out” at Katie Couric because she thinks the “cougar” is “trying to get close to her fianc Justin Theroux,” reveals the National Enquirer. The magazine says Aniston “has a lot to protect right now, and the last thing she wants is for Katie to ruin her happiness.” For why Aniston thinks Couric is after her man, go to Gossip Cop.

Taylor Swift “picked up” Matthew Gray Gubler on Facebook, reveals In Touch. According to the magazine, “She messaged him out of the blue in June to tell him she thinks he’s cute,” and now the couple is “dating.” For how serious it is between them, click over to Gossip Cop.

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Courtney Love Is Bored By Katy Perry, Calls Miley Cyrus ‘Punk In A Weird Sex Way’

You’ve probably been wondering how Courtney Love feels about today’s crop of music superstars. If not, she’s going to let people know what she thinks anyway. The outspoken rock vet recently sounded off on female pop acts like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus.

So, who gets Mama Courtney’s stamp of approval?

“I liked Miley, frankly. I’m gonna be honest, Katy Perry bores the [bleep] out of me. She’s a nice girl, she just really bores me. You know, that hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way,” she revealed during a set at a party performance on Monday, according to the New York Post.

We have no idea if Miley’s a big Hole fan, but she did once call Kurt Cobain her dream man.

When New York Magazine asked Love about an alleged feud between Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair magazine, Courtney declared her allegiance to close pal, Gwynnie. She also brought up a certain “22 singer: “And it just shows you where Vanity Fair has fallen. They have Taylor f*cking Swift on the cover getting a puppy.”

She also weighed in on Lady Gaga:

“She’s cool – we talked for about fifteen, twenty minutes. She’s going through a lot of changes, and has been hanging out with Marina [Abramovic] and also my friend Klaus [Biesenbach], and sort of discovering that side of herself. I really like the natural thing [she’s doing lately] – I mean, I’m sure she’ll go back to Gothic stuff. But she heard that I was going to leave so she came to find me. It was cool – like the popular girl came to tell me not to leave lunch hour,” she explained.

Courtney’s shown love for Mother Monster before, by performing a gravely spin on “Bad Romance.”

Please return the favor and do “Doll Parts” sometime, Gaga?

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The Week In Tabloid Fodder: Fact Vs. Fiction

It’s that time of the week again when the celebrity weeklies hit the newsstands. To separate what’s real and rumor, we turned to our friends at Gossip Cop for the 411 on this week’s most controversial stories.

Britney Spears “went berserk” when she heard that Kevin Federline got re-married, reveals the National Enquirer. The mag says the singer “collapsed” over the news because “she’s long suffered from the delusion that she and Kevin would one day get back together.” For more on Spears’ meltdown, see what a source close to the star confides to Gossip Cop.

Lady Gaga and Cher are feuding because Gaga “hijacked” the recent Gay Pride Parade in New York, reports Star. Now, “Cher is badmouthing Gaga to her industry friends, calling her ungrateful and disrespectful,” says the mag. For more on their “tension,” go to Gossip Cop.

Jennifer Aniston urged Emma Roberts to “get therapy” after the young star’s fight with boyfriend Evan Peters, reports Star. According to the mag, Aniston also “pleaded” with her We’re the Millers co-star to “break up with Evan.” For how else Aniston is trying to help Roberts, click over to Gossip Cop.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are feuding over Justin Bieber, reports Us Weekly, which claims Swift “isn’t happy” about the pair’s on and off relationship. According to the mag, “Taylor hates him” and “thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him.” For why Swift is so anti-Bieber, log on to Gossip Cop.

Kim Kardashian is raising her baby daughter “on her own,” reports Star. The mag says Kanye West “doesn’t help” take care of North West, and Kardashian is slowly “falling apart” under the stress of being a single mom. For whether the couple is going to split, head over to Gossip Cop.

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Dear Caption Contest Winners, Why So Serious… ly Awesome?!

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel

This is a photo of popular musician and entertainer Lady Gaga. In this photo, she is wearing some interesting makeup, which some have likened to Marilyn Manson‘s signature style. Others, like myself, prefer a good The Dark Knight joke. Because those will never get old, just like the Lady’s antics. Hahahaha, are you sick of Gaga yet? Well, too bad, because we’re going to be hearing a lot from her over the next few months. Let’s celebrate that exciting truth with some winning captions, shall we?

“Why so serious?!” – Erika

“Who ate all the skittles?!” – Lauren

“School girl who just got gang banged by crayola” – Feruza

“New ambassador for Ronald Mcdonald Cosmetics” – Jasmin

“oh snap! she must be very kind to let people use her face as a canvas. feel sorry for her” – Adriadna

“Wow she is Marilyn Manson’s twin” – Ismenia

“John Wayne Gacy does drag now?” – Amanda

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday.

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6 Stories You May Have Missed

Miley Cyrus Named Most “Cheat-Worthy Celeb”

Sorry Liam Hemsworth, more than 22,000 men have voted your fiancee to be the celebrity they’re willing to cheat on their spouses with. See who Cyrus beat out in this (kind of creepy) competition on Huffington Post.

Hunger Games Star Admits To Heroin Addiction Past

Actor Wes Bentley is opening up about his previous struggles with drugs. Gossip Cop has the full story.

Justin Bieber’s BFF Accused Of Battery

Rapper Lil Twist is in hot water again after allegedly beating up a girl at the popstar’s mansion. Find out how Bieber’s camp is handling the situation on TMZ.

Darren Criss Remembers Cory Monteith

On a recent episode of Conan, the Glee star opens up about his co-star’s sudden and tragic passing. Watch his candid interview on Socialite Life.

Mother Russia Isn’t Too Pleased With The Mother Monster

Lady Gaga is facing potential prosecution from officials after entering the country on the wrong visa. Idolator has the details on just how much trouble the singer is in.

How Get Make Your Boobs Look As Good As Kate Upton’s

The Sports Illustrated model has made a living out of looking good – and so can you. The Frisky has the low-down on how girls of all sizes can feel sexy in their own skin.

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Lady Gaga’s First Single from ‘ARTPOP’ is Indeed Called ‘Applause’

UPDATE 10:40 p.m. EST: Lady Gaga just posted the official artwork for “Applause” on her Twitter (see above). Women’s Wear Daily‘s cover story has also gone live. The image was taken by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the same duo behind Gaga’s upcoming V Magazine spread.

After much speculation, and this image shared by makeup artist Tara Savelo earlier this week, Lady Gaga has confirmed that her new single is indeed called “Applause.”

The announcement was made by Gaga on Twitter Sunday afternoon. The 27-year-old superstar also confirmed that “due to public anticipation,” fans can pre-order ARTPOP on Aug. 19 – the same day the album’s first single goes on sale.

Gaga is scheduled to perform “Applause” on stage for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25.

A new promo image was also unveiled on Gaga’s Twitter and her website, causing Little Monsters (including yours truly) to jump for joy.

The official artwork for “Applause” will be unveiled later today on Women’s Wear Daily‘s website, before hitting newsstands on Monday.

ARTPOP officially drops Nov. 11.

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The Proceeds From Today’s Caption Contest Will Benefit The Effort to Locate Lady Gaga’s Eyebrows

Lady Gaga

ATTENTION ALL MEDIA! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE CELEBUZZ SCOOP???? Through channels that are totally, absolutely, legitimately 100 percent legal, we’ve exclusively obtained detailed information about the lyrics for Lady Gaga‘s upcoming single, “Applause.” ARE YOU READY? We’re not, actually. Hold please. Please continue holding. OK. Now we’re good to go. Put your hands together (get it?) for the first taste of Gaga’s new single:

Where, oh where could my little brows be / Oh where, oh where could they be

With my hair so dark, I can’t find my blonde brows

Oh where, oh where could they be???

Stay tuned for more #exclusive #hotness only on #Celebuzz. And while you’re tuned in, check out today’s winning captions:

“Can you guess why I shaved off my eyebrows?” – Feisty

“Is that Goku’s final form?” – Alin a

“Hmmm… Where did my eyebrows run off to?” – Heather

“Who burnt my eyebrows off?” – Micah

“Hmmm..who’s career should I kill first?” – Jacob

“Hmm….what else can I do to keep them looking!” – Patricia

“Hmm so thats where the rest of my shirt wandered off too” – Renee

“Aileen Carol Wuornos was a serial killer who killed seven men in Florida in 1989 and 1990. And now she’s back!” – Nathan

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday.

Image Source: Getty Images

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Lady Gaga Goes Nude for ‘V Magazine,’ Covers Herself With… Herself

Little Monsters have been trying to contain themselves all weekend long.

One reason is the above nude snap of Lady Gaga, released on Instagram and Tumblr by fashion photographers Inez van Lambsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, otherwise known as Inez & Vinoodh.

According to the Dutch duo, there’s plenty more to come – the sizzling photo shoot is for an upcoming issue of V Magazine. Here’s the rest of the first photo:

The other Gaga-related thing making noise this weekend is a video featuring a brunette Mother Monster and some scary fingers. (Watch below).

On July 12, Lady Gaga announced on her Facebook page that her highly anticipated album ARTPOP will officially hit stores on Nov. 11. Pre-orders through a special ARTPOP app will be available Sept. 1

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Lady Gaga Swaps Heels For Flats Due To Injury

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