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10 Actors Who Are Box Office Poison

Mel Gibson

All actors have their failures, there’s no disputing that, but some actors have failed so prolifically that there’s only one term to use to describe them – “box office poison”.

It’s something no actor wants to be labelled as, for it indicates a general lack of popularity with audiences – either because they’ve become tired of the actor, or never liked them in the first place – and makes them increasingly less likely to be offered A-list work in the future (hence why several on this list are currently edging towards the straight-to-video duldrums).

These 10 actors, regardless of whether they or their films are actually any good, just can’t seem to catch a break, and one thing’s for sure; if you cast any of them in your movie, there is a substantial chance that it is going to be a box office flop…

10. Taylor Kitsch


Notable Flops: John Carter ($282.7m against $250m budget), Battleship ($303m against $209m), and Savages (fared slightly better, with $82.9m against $45m).

Kitsch is the latest in a long line of actors being insisted upon audiences at the moment, despite evidence suggesting that people just don’t like him all that much. With two major box office blows in the same year, it’s safe to say that the headlining roles aren’t exactly rolling in for the guy, regardless of how talented he proved himself in Friday Night Lights.

Upcoming Projects: His best bet to bounce back is Peter Berg’s upcoming action thriller, Lone Survivor. Kitsch plays a supporting role opposite Mark Wahlberg, and given Wahlberg’s comparative popularity, it’s likely that this one will score a modest hit for the actor.

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10 Utterly Insane Movie Cameos

John Goodman O Brother

Let’s face it, everybody loves a good movie cameo. There’s a great satisfaction in being the one person to clock a familiar face, or spot a quick appearance from a well disguised actor. We all try it, and love being the ones to succeed at it. When utilised to full effect, cameos can add new life to a film and freshen things up from the drudgery that is on our screens.

Those cameos that verge on the edge of lunacy can be even more captivating. You may have spotted some high profile A-lister creeping into a film for a few minutes, but the real pleasure is having that dawning realisation come over you, that split second reaction where the audience in your brain screams, ‘oh I see… YOU’RE MENTAL’.

For me, these cameos are by far the most intriguing. They come, they go crazy, they leave. As a movie lover’s tribute to these fleeting lunatics of cinema, here comes a countdown of said nutters. Indulge yourself…

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