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10 Awesome Movies That Suffered From Incredibly Bland Heroes

Inception Leonard Di Caprio

When we fall in love with a movie, it’s usually because we fall in love with the characters contained within its frames – is it, after all, possible to have a truly great motion picture without truly great characters? Isn’t it ultimately the characters that make a movie worth revisiting, after the gimmicks, special effects, or narrative complexities wear off? Cinema has, of course, gifted us with some of the greatest fictional characters of all-time: Travis Bickle, Don Corleone, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Ellen Ripley, Will Kane, Harry Callahan, to name but just a few legends.

Still, despite the fact that the movie surrounding a central character might be great, it doesn’t always mean that our hero is, too. Often, we can find ourselves duped by this notion… because the movie itself is memorable, we tend to overlook that – in a lot of cases – our protagonist is merely a connecting glue, devoid of any true personality, a simple tool for leading us from point A to point B. That was the case in the 10 movies I’ve gathered here, for instance: all good-to-great movies that would have been greatly improved through the addition of a more memorable hero…

Please note: This list is ranked in order of how good the movies themselves were, from good to greatest.

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Pacific Rim: 5 Reasons It’s The Film of the Summer


Giant. Robots. Fighting. Giant. Monsters. It’s a mashup smash-’em-up from the mind of a child and as the description of one of the summer’s hotly anticipated movies, it’s an intriguing and enticing premise at that.

Pacific Rim is the story of a group of survivors in an apocalyptic world as they struggle to fight against watery demonic creatures known as kaiju with their own weapons, massive robots known as Jaegers. At the centre of it all is the story of two different and broken people learning to work together and heal their wounds.

So, without further ado, here are my top five reasons why Pacific Rim really is the film of the summer and why you should go see it immediately if you haven’t already.

5. It’s A Fairytale


Del Toro is especially entrenched in telling us his versions of fairytales – Pan’s Labyrinth is the darkest imagining of Alice In Wonderland possible, mixed in with some traditional Grimm-style darkness and violence and the Hellboy films have an otherworldly beauty to them that slots alongside punch-ups and apocalypses.

Pacific Rim is, arguably, a fairytale at its heart as it follows two very different but similar people on a journey from their respective traumas, overcoming their painful pasts to become heroes. All of this set against the classic backdrop of good versus evil with very solid avatars in the form of the robotic Jaegers and the sea-demon kaiju. Del Toro is perfect at mixing the light with the dark, making Pacific Rim a painful yet hopeful story about survivors saving the world.

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