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Paula Deen Employee Ineata Jones Reacts To Aunt Jemima Costume Comment: ‘I Don’t Remember Nothing Like That’

Paula Deen employee Ineata Jones

Things aren’t all gloom and doom for Paula Deen.

In a world where everyone is turning their backs on the disgraced celeb chef, she’s got a friend in employee Ineata Jones, who’s shooting down a report that she was asked to wear an Aunt Jemima costume at work.

Dora Charles, a longtime friend of Deen’s and cook at her restaurant Lady & Sons, opened up to the New York Times about what it’s really like working with the silver-haired chef (and it’s not a pretty picture.)

Among the people asked to partake in racially questionable acts at the restaurant included Jones, who Charles purports was in charge of ringing the iron dinner bell (which was depicted on a postcard sold at the eatery), cooking the cornmeal pancakes known as ‘hoecakes’ and was asked to don an “old-style Aunt Jemima outfit.”

Although Jones, 67, admits to all of her duties (dinner bell ringing and hoecake-making included), she’s a bit fuzzy on Deen’s costume request.

“Oh, no, no, no! I don’t remember nothing like that. I don’t remember none of that stuff. It’s been so long ago, I don’t know,” Jones told Celebuzz.

“I do get upset (at this).

“They need to leave her (Deen) alone!”

Jones is a staunch supporter of her employer who she’s worked with for 18 years, during which time she admits they’ve developed a somewhat unconventional relationship.

“We both cuss at each other and we still do. That’s how we communicate. That’s my girl!” she added.

And Jones says Deen has never been discriminatory.

“She’s never treated me like that.

“I still work with her and will never do anything to hurt her,” she added.

“I’ve never had problems with her.

“She’s done so much for all kinds of people. And me! She’s done good.”

And about why Charles would include her in any headline-making remarks? Jones doesn’t know, doesn’t care and just wants to be left out of it.

“I’m sorry she brought my name up…. She’s got her problems why she’s doing it.”

Deen has also denied the allegation.

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Paula Deen Fires Her Legal Team

Paula Deen Parts Ways With Legal Team

First she lost her endorsements, then her longtime agent Barry Weiner. Now, Paula Deen is saying adios to her attorneys. Only this time, they didn’t ditch her.

In court docs obtained by Celebuzz, the Savannah, Georgia law firm of Oliver Maner has stepped down as the former Food Network star’s legal representative and been replaced by Grace E. Speights, a partner in Morgan Lewis’s labor and employment firm in Washington. The legal switcharoo comes “at the request” of Deen, per the paperwork filed July 11 (a.k.a. she fired them.)

This is the latest development in the aftermath that has focused on a recorded deposition in which the 66-year-old fallen celeb chef admits to telling racist jokes, using the N-word, and planning a slavery-themed wedding.

Maner and his associates had been defending Deen against her former restaurant manager, Lisa Jackson, who filed a $1.2 million civil lawsuit against the butter-loving cook and her brother Bubba Hiers claiming the silver-haired TV star used the N-word at work and that Hiers sexually harassed her.

According to PEOPLE magazine: “She and her team decided the previous attorneys were out of their depth,” quotes the mag.

Top entertainment lawyer Patricia Glaser and Savannah, Ga.-based attorney Harvey Weitz will reportedly round out her new team of legal eagles.

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