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Doctor Who: 10 Awesome Villains To Revive For Peter Capaldi’s Doctor

Doctor Who - Omega

As it stands, we’re all still recovering from Peter Capaldi’s announcement as the Doctor yesterday. Granted, it wasn’t the most surprising reveal in the world – the bookies had stopped taking bets on him the day before – but still, there’s always a lot of drama and plenty of shockwaves whenever they announce a new Doctor. But the news agenda never stays still for long, and now we know who’s going to taking up residence in the world’s most famous blue box, we can start to speculate on ther things, like what Capaldi’s Doctor is going to be like and what he’s going to fight in his upcoming storylines.

Taking that second question to mind, I’ve decided to document villains from classic Doctor Who the Twelfth Doctor could go up against in his all-important debut season. Obviously, there’s some guesswork here, but in my experience while the reincarnated Doctor Who has created some pretty excellent monsters under its own steam – the Weeping Angels being the best example – it might be prudent to reinvent a villain from Who’s storied backcatalogue to accompany the debutant Doctor. Such a move would provide a safe pair of hands for a new Doctor to bed himself in with – Eccleston had the Daleks, Tennant the Cybermen and, well, I don’t quite know what Matt Smith had (Silurians, maybe?). So with that in mind, here are the classic villains I believe can be used to help see in the Capaldi era.

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