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Prince William Returns To Work, But What’s Next For The Future King?

Prince William‘s paternity leave was up yesterday, two weeks after his son was born at St. Mary’s Lindo Wing in London, England.

Flight Lieutenant Wales, as he is known in the Royal Air Force, will complete his operational tour up at RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales at the end of this month. The Duke has been stationed there in the Search and Rescue Force since January 2009, qualifying as a co-pilot and then a captain in June 2012.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have lived in a rented farmhouse near the base since before their April 2011 wedding, a cohabitational first for any future monarch and his/her future consort.

On July 28th, the Daily Express published an exclusive on William’s decision to leave the Royal Air Force and rejoin the Blues and Royals, a calvary regiment of the British Army.

The Duke would, according to senior sources, rank as captain in the Household Cavalry’s Mounted Regiment, taking part in ceremonial parades, conducting soldier inspections before they go on duty, and completing “career reports” on troops in his squadron for the unit commander, according to the Express. It’s a job that would not require deployment (although this point is moot for William, who will never see action on the front lines, as he is second-in-line to the throne).

“As speculation goes it’s probably a pretty safe bet,” royal expert Victoria Arbiter told me about the report. “Although I don’t think William will be nearly as happy as he has been flying helicopters.”

Fortunately for the Mrs. and Prince George, William’s office would be in Hyde Park barracks in Knightsbridge, not too far from the Cambridge’s new digs at Kensington Palace.

The palace has yet to confirm what William’s plans are – continue with his military career or take on more royal duties -but a British Army source told the Express that plans are in place for the Duke to take on this new role.

“Our understanding is that he will finish with the RAF, have some leave that is due and then return to the Blues and Royals and serve with the Mounted Regiment, where he will take an appointment as second in command of a squadron,” the source said. “It is not a difficult role but it requires a lot of attention to detail.”

With Prince Philip, 92, still recovering from abdominal surgery (he’s due to take on an engagement in Scotland next week, according to the BBC) and the Queen, 87, decreasing her number of annual duties (though not abdicating), the logical choice is for William to take on more responsibilities as a senior royal.

On Wednesday, August 14th, the Duke will visit the Anglesey Show by his base in Wales. Kensington Palace confirms that William will watch gundog and falconry displays, as well as meeting with Young Farmers and view some cattle judging.

No word yet on whether the Duchess and their son will join William.

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Is This What The Royal Baby Will Look Like?

Prince William First Day Nursery School 1985

Kate Middleton and Prince William may have announced the birth of their first child – a boy – on Monday, but the world has yet lay eyes on the royal tot.

“Baby Cambridge,” as the press have affectionately dubbed, was born at the Lindo Wing of London’s St. Mary’s Hospital at 4:24 PM local time – the same place Princess Diana gave birth to William just 31 years ago.

Weighing in at 8 lbs, 4 oz, the little bundle of joy will be staying at the hospital overnight with his mother as the two prepare for their post-birth debut this coming week, according to the Duke and Duchess’ official office. The baby is currently the third in line to the throne, after his father William and grandfather Prince Charles.

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry & families have been told and are delighted,” royal officials tweeted on July 22.

Seeing how we can’t see the royal baby just yet, there’s no harm in seeing maybe how he will look should he take William’s genes. Launch the gallery above to see the Prince of Wales’ life in pictures!

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Newspapers Go All Out For The Royal Birth

A 41-gun salute went off in Green Park today, followed by one at the Tower of London, marking the birth of a brand new royal baby. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son, whose is third-in-line to the British throne, was treated to not only the gun salutes, but also music from the Queen’s Guardsmen, bell peals from Westminster Abbey (three hours’ worth) and – of course- clever front page captions to mark this celebratory occasion.

As the Middleton family went into St. Mary’s Lindo Wing today, the world waits for William, Catherine and their baby to walk through the front door. There, they will most likely pose for photos (briefly) before heading back to Kensington Palace.

Check out the best front page covers in our gallery.

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Kate Middleton’s Not Too Keen On Prince Harry’s Girlfriend

Guys, guess what. Even Kate Middleton gets jealous.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry has been dating Cressida Bonas since May 2012, but Her Royal Highness would prefer the lovebirds not get married. Ever.

The Duchess had to once fight Bonas’ half-sister, Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, for Prince William‘s attention.

Back in the 2004, Middleton and William split for the first time, reportedly because William wanted to sow his wild oats. During their time-out, William made a beeline for actress Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Bonas’ half-sister.

“He [William] had fallen for her in a huge way and wanted to be with her,” a source told the Daily Mail of William and Calthorpe. “He propositioned her several times that summer and although Isabella was single, she knocked William back and said it would be too damaging for her and her career.

“Kate was very aware of his obsession with Isabella and she was incredibly threatened by her. Isabella is drop-dead beautiful and would leave any girl in the shade. I would go so far as to say that William dumped Kate because he thought he had a chance with Isabella and Kate knew that,” the source added.

“Kate accepted William back again but on the condition that he would not speak to Isabella again.”

Calthorpe married her longtime boyfriend, Sam Branson this past March in South Africa, and was a guest at the 2011 royal wedding (though Branson was not).

However, according to the Telegraph, Calthorpe wasn’t invited to the breakfast reception, nor the evening do at Buckingham Palace. Apparently she hitched a ride home post-ceremony with Guy Ritchie.

“Cressida has said Kate is not keen on her relationship with Harry,” one of her friends told the paper. “Cressie and Isabella could not be closer. Where she goes, Bella goes.

“Kate does not like Isabella because William loved her, and that caused their break-up. Bella’s treatment at the royal wedding won’t be forgotten.”

For more royal scoop, click here and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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See the Prince (and Princess!)-Worthy Baby Outfits We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

Joules USA Royal Heir Collection Prince George

Courtesy Joules

Once Prince George starts making more public appearances, he’ll need lots of chic duds.

So it’s a good thing Joules recently debuted an adorable Royal Heir capsule collection, featuring a cute graphic of a crowned hare, that is more than fit for a mini prince or princess.

With the royal baby in mind, the British-based brand (which was founded in 1999) created four majestic styles that we can’t help drooling over.

For boys, you’ll find a 2 piece set ($51) and long-sleeve footie ($38) in rich red and and navy hues.

While pretty pinks and floral prints cover the peplum top and leggings set ($51) and pajamas ($38) for girls.

Luckily, the company makes clothing for kids up to 12 years-old, so when Prince William and Duchess Kate‘s little guy gets older, he’ll still have loads of stylish fashions to choose from.

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CNN Emerges as Dark Horse Winner of Craziest Royal Baby Coverage Competition

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reporting from a delivery room

It began in late November. That new Duchess, she seemed… different. Was she using a new conditioner, or was Kate Middleton busy growing a new sovereign in her commoner womb? As it turned out, it was the latter. That future king, His Royal Highness, Prince TK of Cambridge, was born July 22 around 4:00 p.m. London time.

What happened in the months between is one of the strangest, most invasive media spectacles in modern history. E!’s baby fever was whipped into a full-on frenzy as the little king refused to be born. By my count, E! published 52 separate articles related to the royal baby in the last week, that’s nearly 8 a day. Then, of course, there was The Telegraph‘s livestream of a door. A little fetus, bestowed with magical powers by its parentage, had turned a group of adult-aged professionals into a pack of wild animals, snarling and foaming at the mouth, writing up every possible angle they could find. “Kate Middleton ‘Will Cope Quite Well’ After Royal Baby Is Born, Says Schoolmate” was an actual headline. The “schoolmate” in question, by the way, last spoke to Kate Middleton when she was 12.

So it seemed like E! had pretty much cornered the “most rabid royal baby coverage” title. That is, until dark horse CNN threw its hat into the ring. No stranger to wall-to-wall coverage of completely trivial subject matter, CNN, it appears, went momentarily insane with the news Monday morning that Kate Middleton had gone into labor. “How is giving birth different in the UK,” an assignment editor wondered aloud and all the sudden it became a story. CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen took us right to a delivery room where she interviewed a woman while she was in labor.

Welcome to the world, Prince TK, it’s a pretty crazy place. But don’t worry, you’re already super popular. And if that doesn’t work out, you’re also crazy rich.

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This Week In Hookups, Breakups And Makeups

With Valentine’s Day celebrations in full force this week, love was all around for Hollywood’s hottest couples.

Katy Perry and John Mayer hit a high note at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, where they cozied up in their front row seats during the award show. Out of the spotlight, the pair have favored spending quality time together – a bond that has given Mayer a new perspective when it comes to romance.

“For the first time in my life, I don’t feel like I’m in a celebrity relationship,” he said during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Meanwhile, across the pond, another photo scandal rocked Prince William and Kate Middleton when a tabloid magazine released invasive shots of the expectant royal in a bikini while vacationing in Mustique, a small private island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In happier news, legendary comedian Steve Martin revealed he became a first-time father at the age of 67. In December, he and his wife Anne Stringfield welcomed a baby, according to the New York Post.

Yearning for more info on the latest celebrity lovelines? Read more on Celebuzz‘s relationship roundup, along with expert commentary from relationship expert Christy Whitman, the New York Times bestselling author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch.

Katy Perry & John Mayer

From swanky soirees to coffee runs, it seems as if the singers might have finally found a compatible rhythm in their budding romance. The pair have been inseparable since going public with their relationship in 2012. And after keeping close at the Grammys, Perry and Mayer’s love looks stronger than ever.

How has their relationship helped Katy after her divorce from Russell Brand?

Whitman’s opinion: It appears that her new relationship has helped her move past the marriage and divorce. It seems that her relationship with John has given her more confidence and she seems to be very happy. I think it is giving her hope for a better future, whereas going through a divorce it is difficult to imagine a bright future. This relationship seems to make her happy.

Is John the real deal, or just a playboy?

Some men appear to be playboys until they find the right partner. Many men don’t want to settle down or stay with one woman, because they know that there is not a future with the person they are with. So they move from one woman to another. This is how we get clear on the type of person we want to be with. That is what dating is all about. At least for now, John seems to be very happy with Katy and is the real deal.

Considering his dating record, what steps does John need to take to prove he’s a dedicated boyfriend?

I believe he needs to continue to focus on his relationship with Katy. He needs to continue to stay grounded to himself and she to herself. Relationships are never easy no matter who you are, but even though there was relationship trouble for both of them in the past it does not mean that they can’t find true love, connection and happiness. John has nothing to prove, he just needs to stay true to himself and the relationship.

Steve Martin & Anne Stringfield

The funnyman joins an A-list group of Hollywood dads who’ve had kids well past their prime. In December, the famed funnyman and his wife welcomed a baby. The couple “has been very private” since the arrival of their bundle of joy.

What are the pros and cons of becoming a first-time dad later in life?

Whitman’s opinion: The pros are that later in life you are more settled in your finances and your career. There is a more secure environment and less stress due to the feeling of security. You also know the type of partner you want to be with. Typically later in life marriages last longer because of this clarity. There is more patience for certain things such as going at the pace of the child. Later in life you tend to appreciate the small moments that most people miss when they are younger. There is more awareness of being in the present moment.

Cons: You don’t have as much energy later in life as you did as a younger dad. There is always a generation gap between parents and children, but the gap is wider when there is more years between the parent and child. If both the parent and the child can be open and allowing of each other that helps in this generation gap. If the communication is not strong and healthy the age difference can put a wedge between the parent/child relationship.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

In yet another royal family controversy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are keeping a united front after Star Magazine released photos of the pair enjoying a romantic holiday together in a private island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Controversies swirled as the publication’s cover featured Middleton in a blue bikini with the headline: “Kate Shows Off Baby Bump.”

Will the spotlight wear on Kate and affect the couple’s marriage?

Whitman’s opinion: I think with any celebrity in the public eye that has the paparazzi taking pictures or chasing them, it does affect them. As poised and centered as Kate is, she is still human and it is most likely affecting her. This can affect the couple’s marriage, but it does not have to in a negative way. Any situation that they face in their very public marriage can actually bring them closer together. They both understand what the other is going through and this can help them deeply relate to one another. They need to be careful not to take this out on one another, but to talk about their anger, frustrations and support one another.

What can they do to keep their privacy once their first child arrives?

Whitman’s opinion: Other than staying home and never bringing the child out in public, give opportunities to have the media take pictures under a controlled environment that they agree to. Because of the nature of who they are, they will always need to be aware of the fact that they do not have privacy anymore, especially when they are outside. They have to prepare themselves to be photographed and make peace with that, or it will continue to anger them. They really have to accept the fact that they are super celebrities and that the paparazzi will do whatever they can to get their photos. They can’t fight it, but can accept it and take steps to protect themselves.

For more on Christy Whitman, visit her website. Then tell us: which celebrity couple caught your attention this week? Sound off in the comments, below.

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