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KATE UPTON Disappoints With Boring Car Wash Scene In New Mercedes-Benz Ad (VIDEO)

KATE UPTON has just disappointed all of mankind with the most boring car wash scene ever in her new Mercedes-Benz ad.

kateupton carwash

For once, her famous cleavage failed to excite.

Wearing denim shorts and a black tank top instead of her usual skimpy bikini, Kate stands around and blows soap bubbles from her hand-and jiggles her boobs a bit-while she watches a bunch of football players wash her car-the Mercedes-Benz CLA.

Sadly, it fell short of nearly everyone’s expectations… especially since the video was titled: “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion.”

She didn’t wash a thing-not even close.

Watch and tell us what you think:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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JWOWW Wants Everyone To See What Her Butt Looks Like (VIDEOS)

JWOWW wants everyone to see what her butt looks like… so she took a video of it. Why? Well, an incredibly unflattering photo of her bare butt has been making the rounds on celebrity gossip websites, and since she can’t stand the thought of people believing that she has a saggy derriere, she decided to provide proof that the pic is a fake.


We all know that JWoww has one of the hottest beach bodies (that have been enhanced by plastic surgery) around, as she’s always flaunting her sexy goods in skimpy bikinis and super revealing outfits.

But in a photo taken on New Year’s Eve, where the reality star is seen bending over in her extremely short dress, her butt (see it HERE) appears less than stellar-it’s all flabby, saggy, and very cottage cheese-y.

Also, she does not appear to be wearing any underwear.

JWoww is adamant, however, that she was definitely wearing something underneath her dress, and that the “vile” and “disgusting” butt in the photo is not hers. Claiming that the photo was digitally altered, the brunette beauty decided to take a video of her butt, because in her words, “you can’t Photoshop a video.”


Photos Via Video Screen Grabs

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KIM KARDASHIAN Shows Off Her Curves In A Bra And Sweatpants (PHOTO)

KIM KARDASHIAN shows off her curves in a bra and sweatpants in her latest Twitter offering.

See for yourself:

kim kardashian sweatpants

Lately Kim has been griping about the fact that she gained a lot of weight, but we honestly can’t see it… especially not in this latest photo of her half-naked body, which obviously shows an annoyingly flat, almost-concave stomach.

The reality star, who enjoys putting her body on display in the racy photos that she frequently posts on Twitter, was at it again on Wednesday, sharing a revealing photo of herself wearing nothing but a black strapless bra and gray sweatpants while hanging out in her closet.

Kim captioned the photo:

“I just wanna chill in my sweats all day!”

Usually, people wear baggy tees and sweatpants when they just want to “chill” and lounge around the house…

But Kim? Never.

Photo Via Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter

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MIRANDA KERR Flaunts Bikini Body In New Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)

MIRANDA KERR flaunts her stunning bikini body in a new photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret…

Check her out:

Miranda Kerr Victorias Secret Photoshoot01

It’s been about a year and a half since the Australian bombshell gave birth to her adorable baby boy Flynn, and yet judging from those toned abs, it’s as if her pregnancy never happened.

Kerr, who first unveiled her amazing post-baby body last year at the David Jones Spring/Summer fashion show in Sydney, bares her sexy figure in a new photo shoot for the latest swimsuit collection from Victoria’s Secret.

Miranda Kerr Victorias Secret Photoshoot3

Doesn’t she look fantastic?

Miranda Kerr Victorias Secret Photoshoot17

Check out the rest of Miranda‘s sexy bikini pics:

Photos Via Victoria’s Secret

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ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY Looks Super Sexy In New Marks & Spencer Lingerie Ad (VIDEO)

ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY looks super sexy in her new lingerie ad for Marks & Spencer.

Check her out:

rosie mands

Before she became a household name after replacing Megan Fox as Shia LaBeoufs love interest in the third installment of Michael Bay‘s “Transformers” franchise, Rosie was just modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret…

Now, she’s designing her own.

According to recent celebrity news, the British beauty has collaborated with Marks & Spencer to create Rosie for Autograph, a gorgeous collection of lingerie pieces with a modern but classic feel.

In the first commercial for her new collection, Rosie explains one of the reasons why she decided to do the collection:

“I love everything about lingerie… I’ve always had a thing for it. It’s completely feminine… it’s something for women, and it’s ours.”

Photo Via Marks & Spencer

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