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‘Bones’ Star Emily Deschanel Previews ‘The Shot in the Dark’


Tonight’s episode of Bones, “The Shot in the Dark,” is a major one for the long-running FOX series. After an incident in the Jeffersonian lab, Dr. Temperance Brennan gets a chance to come face-to-face with her past, quite literally. BFTV recently spoke with Brennan herself, star Emily Deschanel, about what happens in “The Shot in the Dark” and what it means for Brennan, Booth and audiences.

(SPOILER ALERT – This interview contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Bones.)

“After watching the episode, I think that viewers will have a better idea of why Brennan behaves in the way that she does, is kind of hyper-rational and has cut off her emotions in many ways, even though she’s over the last few years opened up after knowing Booth,” explained the actress. “It shines a light on her behavior and maybe encourages her to change a bit.”

The episode sees Brennan hospitalized – and while she’s fighting to recover, the anthropologist has a long overdue conversation with her late mother (guest star Brooke Langton). “She’s transported to her childhood home, and she sees her mother,” said Deschanel. “Her interactions with her mother reveal things from her past, and also it affects Brennan now, encourages her to have a different perspective on her behavior.”

“It’s an interesting thing to do a series for this long and to play a character that things are revealed at eight years in,” she continued. “I felt like it was in line with things that I had in mind, and it didn’t contradict anything that I had kind of imagined for her past, but it’s certainly new information to me, and I really enjoyed doing the episode because it shed light on Brennan and her past.

“I also really enjoyed having the interaction with her mother. That’s always been kind of a huge missing piece for Brennan, her mother being gone and being able to talk to her mother about how she disappeared before she died and all of that.

“Brooke Langton did such a great job, and I really enjoyed working with her. She’s just very inventive as an actor, very giving, and it was a really good experience working together. It felt right to have her play my mother, and I really enjoyed that.”

Like her character, Deschanel is herself a mother, and shared her insight on what Brennan is going through as a new parent without her own mom in the picture. “The minute you become a parent, I think that you’re always going to wonder if you’re doing something wrong, and I certainly experience that on a daily basis,” she said. “You have to trust your instincts and do what feels right for you.”

“Brennan is going through that in the beginning of this episode,” she continued. “Booth and Brennan have a fight. Brennan believes that Booth is criticizing her parenting style, and runs out and ends up in the lab again at night to go finish working on this case. It’s quite fitting that Brennan is dealing with her own issue of being a mother herself and, at the core of that, is missing her own mother.”

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As Seen on ‘Shark Tank’: Meet Jennie Nigrosh of Green Garmento!

Jennie Nigrosh

You saw her last night on ABC’s Shark Tank – now get to know entrepreneur Jennie Nigrosh, the woman behind the ‘Green Garmento’ eco-friendly dry cleaning bags. BFTV caught up with her on Friday to ask about Jennie’s experience on Shark Tank and what’s ahead for the company.

“I honestly think it’s probably the single most incredible opportunity for an American entrepreneur to have,” said Jennie of the hit ABC reality series. “Who gets seven million people watching a show rooting for the little guy?”

It was a natural fit for Jennie, who “sort of had an entrepreneurial spirit my whole life,” she explained. “I’ve always been in sales and I actually had my own catering business in Boston. All my family, they own their own businesses, and my husband owned his own business. It’s kind of like in our blood.”

“Actually moving forward with getting a prototype and getting things made, it was daunting,” she added, “but my biggest word of advice is to have a plan – and do it with somebody, don’t do it by yourself.” With Green Garmento, Jennie’s biggest supporter is her husband and business partner, Rick Siegel.

She and her husband were fans of Shark Tank, so they went to the network’s casting website and put in their application to bring Green Garmento – which can be used as a hamper, a duffel, or a dry-cleaning bag, and is credited with saving two million pounds of single-use plastic in the four years of its existence – to the series.

When it came time to actually make their pitch in front of the panel of investor ‘Sharks’ – Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec – they came prepared. “We decided first of all that it was just going to be me, because I’m the face of the company and I own a majority stake. That was strategy number one,” Jennie explained. “For me, it was just about pitching the product. I really have such passion for what I do.”

“It was surreal,” she said of being in the room with the millionaire investors. “They actually are those people. They’re not in any character other than their own. But it was neat. And it’s not quite as daunting [as you’d expect].”

Jennie was unable to make a deal with any of the five Sharks, but she said that didn’t make her regret her decision to participate in the show. “I didn’t walk out a millionaire. I didn’t have everyone saying how brilliant I was,” she explained, “[but] I am thrilled that I did the show. I’m thrilled that I got to meet the Sharks and that they know my name. It came out well as far as I was concerned.”

Her business is doing well even if Jennie didn’t come out a winner on Shark Tank. Green Garmento is in a thousand dry cleaners around the United States and twenty countries. Some of the celebrities who’ve used the product include Ed Begley Jr., Jon Stewart, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Forest Whitaker and Will Ferrell.

“I think every day we’re surprised at something,” said Jennie when asked what’s been the most unexpected for her since launching the project. “Just that people have embraced our product. It’s just us and we’re doing something.” And clearly, they’re doing something which resonates with environmentally conscious people around the world.

You can find out more about Green Garmento by visiting Jennie’s official website, where you can order your own Green Garmento, or keeping up with her on Twitter and Facebook.

For more from Brittany Frederick, visit my official website and follow me on Twitter (@tvbrittanyf).

(c)2013 Brittany Frederick. Appears at Starpulse with permission. All rights reserved. No reproduction permitted.

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The Wanted Land Reality TV Show On E!

The Wanted

The Wanted have landed their own reality TV show.

The Glad You Came hit-makers have signed a deal with cable network E! – the same channel behind Chasing The Saturdays and the Kardashians’ programs – for upcoming documentary series The Wanted Life, which will be produced by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

The series will follow Max George, Nathan Sykes, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker as they go about their lives in the Hollywood Hills, record tracks for their next album and prepare for a new tour.

A statement released by Seacrest, who also produces all of Kim Kardashian’s reality shows, reads: “America has a long history of falling for British bad boy musicians, so it’s no surprise that The Wanted are already beloved by legions of fans far and wide.

“This talented and outspoken English-Irish band are setting their own course to fame and this journey is the foundation of the series. It’s a road that’s bound to include irresistible pop tracks along with plenty of humor, antics and drama behind-the-scenes, which I believe will further ignite fascination and even obsession with these guys.”

And Parker is excited to give fans a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors: “I feel like we’ve got a really good connection as a group, and I really want people to see that we’re just five very normal people having the time of our lives. We’re going on an amazing journey.”

The Wanted Life will debut in June.

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Oksana Baiul Slaps NBC With $5M Defamation Suit

Oksana Baiul

Champion figure skater Oksana Baiul is hitting NBC where it counts: the wallet. The Olympic gold medalist wants $5 million from the network after they allegedly used her name and likeness to promote her appearance on two TV specials in which she never agreed to appear.

In her suit, Baiul says the network and production company Disson Skating promoted her participation in two different shows without her agreement, ruining her reputation with fans who then considered her a “no show” for not appearing.

“[That] damages her goodwill with her loyal fans that purchased tickets expecting to see her perform,” charges the suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

While NBC and Baiul’s lawyers declined to comment, Stephen Disson was glad to chat about the backstory with the New York Daily News, saying he never publicly disclosed his negotiations with the skater.

“It’s just weird,” he said, explaining that he received a call from Baiul’s agent in July 2011 asking to book her in a show, and that Baiul called him herself to express her gratitude because she was less than a dream to work with in previous shows.

“Each time she had been a little flaky. One time, she didn’t show up. She was out shopping. Another time, she refused to do a retake after she had fallen,” he said.

“She was grateful for a third chance. We had a good talk. I said I’d send a contract.”

But three weeks later he says Baiul’s agent emailed him saying she was no longer interested, and when Disson tried to contact the skater directly she told him to “stop calling.”

This isn’t the Olympic champ’s only pending lawsuit. In November she accused William Morris of not properly accounting for her earnings, asking for over $1 million in damages.

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‘Monday Mornings’ Recap: ‘Pilot’

Monday Mornings

Welcome to Portland’s Chelsea General Hospital. It’s buzzing with activity. Dr. Michelle Robideux (Emily Swallow) and Dr. Jorge Villanueva (Ving Rhames) examine a patient who’s just been brought into the ER. Dr. Sydney Napur (Sarayu Rao) deals with a difficult patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Tina Ridgeway assures a couple that their daughter is safe in the capable hands of brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Tyler Wilson (Jamie Bamber), who indeed safely removes her aneurysm.

Afterward, Dr. Buck Tierney (Bill Irwin) chews out Tina for kicking a sales rep out of her and Ty’s operating room during the procedure, drawing the ire of their chief of staff, Dr. Harding Hooten (Alfred Molina). On the surface, this seems like any other medical show.

Yet everything grinds to a halt when they’re all paged to Room 311 for a Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) meeting. Their colleague, Dr. David Martin, has killed another patient. Under Hooten’s direction, he’s hauled up in front of all his coworkers to recount how he treated a woman and missed her stage four bone cancer. She died three weeks after the cancer diagnosis.

Martin, who’s snidely nicknamed “007” because he has a “license to kill,” loses his medical privileges, is taken to task by an angry Villanueva, and disintegrates in public view. His collapse is uncomfortable to watch, but it’s also a painful truth. A life was lost, and there are consequences, regardless of how painful they may be.

This is not any other medical drama. This is Monday Mornings, from uber-producer David E. Kelley and based on the novel by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Villanueva reteams with Michelle to treat Quinn McDaniels, a young boy who’s had a head-to-head collision in a soccer game and has been complaining of headaches. Michelle pulls Villanueva aside to show him the giant tumor she found in Quinn’s temporal lobe. They bring in Ty for a consult, and he decides that surgery is required immediately. This is where Ty is at his best, calm and confident. He owns that room.

While Quinn is in surgery, Hooten does his best to reassure his mother, telling her that Ty is one of the best surgeons in the world, “committed and compassionate.” He offers to stay with her for awhile. It’s a complete 180 from the executioner who dispatched Martin earlier in the episode.

Yet that’s the duality of Hooten’s job description. He must demand the best from those under his authority, and also be there to support those who need him, whether it’s those same surgeons or the family of a patient. It’s easy to see how he rose to the top job at Chelsea General.

Sydney deals with the difficult patient’s attending (guest star Jonathan Silverman), who pages Tina to get Sydney off his case. Tina asks Sydney what her problem is, and Sydney lets slip that the previous night her boyfriend rescinded his marriage proposal when she got paged in the middle of it.

Elsewhere, Dr. Sung Park (Keong Sim) consults a young woman who’s been suffering from inexplicable tremors, but claims they stop when she drinks wine. Park’s disinterested up until that last part. He bounces ideas off a team of clueless juniors not unlike an episode of House. He has no patience for anyone who can’t keep up. This is serious stuff and it deserves seriously committed people.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Flashes Some Cleavage On ‘The Client List’ Set

Jennifer Love Hewitt

We spotted Jennifer Love Hewitt running around the set of “The Client List” in Los Angeles on Thursday. The actress wore a white frock with a plunging neckline and gray sneakers as she darted around the parking lot.

The actress, who commonly wears sexy, skimpy outfits and lingerie for the Lifetime series, will be featured nude in the second season.

Last spring Hewitt made headlines after Lifetime digitally reduced her breasts in a promo shot for the show.

Hewitt plays a single mom working as a masseuse who makes money on the side by servicing her clients in an extra special way.

The new season of “The Client List” premieres March 10. Cybill Shepherd and Loretta Devine also star.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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