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13 Current WWE Superstars Destined For The Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame Logo

Whilst the Wrestlemania weekend’s most important focus is on the Sunday night spectacular itself, the day beforehand always has a way to capture the attention of both fans and competitors like no other. The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is the means to honour those that left it all in the ring for the audience, and earned the respect of their peers and the adulation of the crowd. It is a place where legends such as Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino have entered with great celebration, but has also seen its fair share of controversial entrants, such as Koko B. Ware, Abdullah the Butcher, and the entire “Celebrity Wing”.

Whilst many are still awaiting the long-overdue induction of legends such as Owen Hart, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, there has developed a long list of superstars currently on the roster that will be certain to be inducted into the hallowed hall upon their departure from full-time competition. These are the superstars that have paid their dues and earned respect through their in-ring prowess, inimitable storytelling, and their connection with the audience, either as a heel or face. These are the superstars who have a reserved spot in the Hall of Fame (barring any freak revelations). Some will not be as assured as others, and some will not have merited it by the standards of the fans. But, if Drew Carey can get into the Hall of Fame then anybody can. So here is my list of those currently signed to the company that will likely be a part of the celebrated ceremony in the future.

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The Undertaker Returns At WWE House Show

The Undertaker

Earlier this week we discussed whether a CM Punk vs The Undertaker match was likely to happen at this year’s Wrestlemania. Well if there was any doubt that the Dead Man was eyeing a comeback they seemed to have been laid to rest as he made a surprise return to the ring last night at a WWE house show, live in Waco, Texas.

The crowd exploded as The Deadman appeared through the curtain as the surprise partner of Celtic Warrior Sheamus in a tag team match against Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow. ‘Taker was missing his trademark long coat and hat instead opting to walk the aisle ready to wrestle.

According to sources who attended the event Undertaker looked great and ran through his whole repertoire of moves including ‘Old School’ where he walks the top rope.

We shouldn’t read too much into the appearance because Waco is very close to where The Undertaker lives however sources close to him have said part of his negotiations with WWE regarding Wrestlemania was for him to have the chance to test his body before agreeing to anything as high profile as a ‘Mania match, especially given the quality of his most recent outings against Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Smackdown star Randy Orton last night Tweeted:

“Got to watch Undertaker perform in Waco tonight at the #Smackdown live event. Very motivating to watch him do his thing. #Legend Killer,”

All of this could lead to nothing though and it does not guarantee an appearance in tomorrow’s episode of Monday Night RAW which emanates from Dallas.

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