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Call Of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Trailer Featuring New Eminem Song


Unless you literally live under a rock within an Amish village you know what Call of Duty is and you know that the yearly installment is on the horizon. Earlier this year at E3 quite a bit of campaign related information was revealed but now it’s the time for the yearly phenomena of Multiplayer to take center stage. There’s also a pretty nifty bonus for fans of iconic caucasian rapper Eminem as the trailer unveils his latest hit single “Survival”

Starting with the actual gameplay trailer, it is blatantly obvious that the mechanic of having a dog companion will carry over in some fashion. New weapons are also showcased along with various killstreak rewards. The trailer also openly lists its multiplayer modes which contains some new additions including Cranked; a mode where players will receive speed upgrades and more upon each kill but must obtain their next kill within 30 seconds, otherwise they shall spontaneously explode into slabs of meat (potentially for your combat dog to chow down on).

The game also showcases some destructive environments that you can use to your advantage (buses falling off a cliff and exploding gas stations) but without beating around the bush, it didn’t impress on nowhere the level EA did at E3 with Battlefield 4 and their collapsing building which will probably thrill me s***less when I find myself in that conundrum.

By far the most unexpected reveal though is the implementation of female soldiers although it’ll probably be an abused feature. You just know people are going to risk their own statistics and jeopardize their own team for cyber brownie points by helping out someone that may just be a male in a female avatar or an already competent and legitimate female participant Regardless, it is a welcomed and kind gesture towards female gamers around the world that deserves some applaud. It is just like the Black Ops 1 trailer campaigned- there’s a soldier in all of us,

Mostly though, the Multiplayer looks like more of the same stuff I am exhausted on but with the above aforementioned slight tweaks, leaving me staying for the Eminem song which is honestly fitting and catchy with the fierce vocal delivery we have come to love and expect from the universally acclaimed rapper. Even the equally impressionable chorus sung by Liz Rodrigues feels destined to be blasted over a surround system during ANY online competitive shooter. Most surprisingly is the heavy Rock tone with numerous guitar riffs that the song carries but honestly it was pulled off to perfection. The full song can be heard below.

You can expect more details on the untitled album soon, although the release date is pegged for late 2013. Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released for current generation consoles on November 5th with next generation ports prepped for their respective launches. Comment your thoughts below!

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