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9 TV Shows That Seriously Lost The Plot

Arrested Development

Over the years there have been a number of TV shows that have disappointed audiences. Some have completely jumped off a cliff, others changed things which just left the show unbalanced and in a few – characters have been poorly injected or ripped out.

We’ve taken the time to have a look at a few of these and provide a relatively spoiler-free (or at least vague-around-the-details) overview of each of them.

9. 24


Fox’s 24 was very enjoyable for a number of seasons and the first three alone could be spoken about as some of the best the 2000s has seen so far. Then there was season 4, with ridiculous plotlines that ran throughout and it had a villain whose name sounds awfully like a brand of sweet. Season 5 had many redeeming features, and it was the return to form the show needed with a great interesting story, deep characters and lots of suspense and tension that the show had been known for.

Season 6 had problems, with the writers’ strike hitting it in mid-flow. The first few episodes were great and it had some real promise, but when the writers went back to work it was like they had forgotten what they’d already done and went in a completely different direction. This caused the show to have moments which just seemed absurd in the 24 universe (and that takes some doing). Season 7 was a really hard watch – it has moments where there is a glimmer of hope, then it smashes it down with ludicrous plot twists and unfeasible events. SPOILER!! I’m not even going to go into the whole Tony thing. I mean who brings a main character back to life as a villain? SPOILER OVER!!

Season 8 looked like it could return to form with some new cast members including The Shield’s very own David Aceveda (Benito Martinez). I thought when seeing the initial trailer that this had potential, but then I started watching it. After the first episode where they SPOILER!! killed off Benito Martinez’s character SPOILER OVER!! the glimmer of hope I had for the series had dived head first off a cliff. Having read more about season 8, for the most part it just seems so silly. I haven’t even mentioned the TV movie – 24 Redemption, when Jack Bauer goes to Africa and meets Robert Carlyle and tries to save kids from terrorists, and to be honest, it’s probably for the best.

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The Charlie Sheen/Chuck Lorre Debacle: How It Ended For Everyone

Screen Shot 2013 11 20 At 17 33 20

The much publicised fight between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre is something that anyone who was conscious for a decent portion of 2011, rolling over into 2012 and finally we’re still seeing the odd spark fly here in 2013. The ego’s protruding from these two very rich television personalities have allowed the odd drug-addled comment to escalate in a snowball effect eventually winding up in the demise of a few shows and a few careers. I am talking, of course, of the rather heated debate that escalated from a mixture of cocaine and Hollywood in the once popular sitcom Two And A Half Men.

Since this scuffle occurred, many of the cast and crew have jumped ship, with others being forced to do the same. Now that most of the arguments have died down (hopefully, unless you’re a journalist or a late night talk show host hoping for an easy day at work), let’s take a look at how these incredibly far from affable jests ended up for everyone, from Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre themselves to showrunner’s and the guy who co-created The Drew Carey Show looking to make a quick buck off a newsworthy celebrity and a decade old Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler comedy (don’t worry, there’s an introduction in there for the less sleazily cultured of readers).

Click “next” to find out!

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MILEY CYRUS To Return To “Two And A Half Men” (PHOTO)

Celebrity news reports MILEY CYRUS is set to return for another episode on “Two and a Half Men.”

DGG 0383111

After boosting the ratings for “Two and a Half Men” with her much-awaited guest appearance last week, Miley Cyrus is being asked to come back on the show to reprise her role as the sexy Missi.

The engaged singer-actress will once again act alongside the show’s lead star, Ashton Kutcher, and at the same time play the love interest for Angus T. Jones‘ character, Jake.

miley on men

The episode featuring Miley will air on November 8.

Do you think Miley fits in “Two and a Half Men”?

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