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Watch: Why Sofia Vergara’s Golden Globes Aren’t Awesome For The Oscars

16Although she’s a Golden Globe- and SAG-nominated actress for her role on the popular sitcom Modern Family, Sofia Vergara is probably best known for her voluptuous figure – a fact that the actress knows all too well. At the recent Los Angeles press day for the new animated film Escape From Planet Earth, she told Celebuzz she’s always eager to poke fun at her curvy physique, precisely because she knows how much it has helped her career.

“It’s my reality,” Vergara says. “It has opened so many doors for me, I would be ungrateful to deny that being voluptuous and sexy hasn’t helped me.”

That said, Vergara acknowledges that being a buxom Latina has its drawbacks as well, including having limited options when the time comes to pick out a dress for the Oscars, which she hopes to attend this year.

“I cannot just wear something that is in fashion or just something because it’s beautiful or sexy,” she admits. “I have to wear stuff that looks good for my body, because [if I don’t], then it could be like a horror movie.”

Whether her appearance turns out like “a horror movie” or the height of style remains uncertain, since she’s unsure if she’ll be able to attend at all. “I might have to work in New York, so I might not,” she reveals. “But I would love to go.”

After her previous trip to the Oscars, however, she’s keen to come back. “I had a great time last year at the Vanity Fair party – I sat at a table with Tom Ford, and it was a lot of fun.”

Escape From Planet Earth opens in theaters nationwide on February 15. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview, and then let us know in the comments section below – what do you think of Vergara’s style, onscreen and on the red carpet?

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