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World Cup 2014 Draw: 5 Teams England Could Face In A Worst Case Scenario

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FIFA’s announcement on Tuesday that the Pots each country will be drawn from on Friday will be changed slightly beforehand was met with surprise and shock.

One team from Pot four, the Pot containing all the unseeded European teams, will be switched to Pot two, along with the unseeded teams from the South American continent.

The hosts Brazil were as expected drawn in the same Pot as the other members of the FIFA top ten ranked nations, which England are not part of. The team that will be chosen at random from Pot four will immediately switch to Pot two to even the numbers up.

The result being that the team that moves will definitely end up facing one of the seeded teams from South America and another European team from Pot four.

The bad news is England could well be that team, and with that comes with the possibility of not qualifying for the next phase from their group for the first time since 1994 where the team did not qualify for the tournament in the United States at all.

So with that in mind, the worst case scenario for England has potentially become a whole lot worse than it was already going to be, with a realistic chance of finishing bottom of their group when the draw is made on Friday in Brazil. The teams in this list could all be drawn in England’s group, but the Three Lions will thankfully not face all of them. Not all in the group stage at least…

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