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WWE: Why Wrestling Onscreen Authority Figures Need To Go Away


Sometimes when you’re watching the world of professional wrestling, you wonder who is in charge here? Authority figures have been a staple of professional wrestling since its very inception with the NWA Board of Directors. However, in 1997 the concept of the authority figure begin to change it to an on screen role. The boss became the onscreen focus and the catalysts that puts the product forward into the forefront of pop-culture. Epic battles between Vince McMahon and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin symbolized the struggle of the workingman against the corporate overlords. WCW tried the same thing with Eric Bischoff and the nWo to some modicum of success. After these feuds saw their climax each company would attempt many different permutations on the same formula with evil general managers and commissioners There were some good roles during that time but often they just look like background noise. As time drew on it just felt more and more irrelevant.

This is no more evident than with the current Triple H corporate storyline in WWE. What exactly are the general managers doing except bending to the will of the current COO? What purpose do they serve? All it does is create artificial strife where there is none. Your heat should not be with the management itself, instead the focus should be your opponent. More often than not, the authority figure are the main antagonist of the show. And that doesn’t make any sense that means your babyface will never overcome the obstacle of his/her boss. Especially when one corrupt authority figure replaces another, and another and another.

If you need anymore example on why this is a bad thing, check out this week’s Smackdown in which Triple H again emasculates three of the top babyfaces in the company in the Miz, Dolph Ziggler and the Big Show. Every time the heroes seem to rally up against him he destroys their credibility by pointing out the flaws and making them look like complete incompetents. And it makes me wonder who is going to be the hero to come to the rescue? Are we going to wait for John Cena? Or is Stone Cold Steve Austin to return at Wrestlemania 30? Because you definitely established that the current crop of babyfaces are not up to snuff. TNA is not much better with seeming super na ve and out of touch with their own product. ROH seems to be the only company who gets it right with very minimal interference from matchmaker Nigel McGuinness. Even so, they’ve had their issues with pushy in ring authority figures in the past.

Maybe it’s time the on-screen authority figure goes away and we just hear from the Board of Directors from time to time. Perhaps we can also remove the twenty minutes opening promo starting every week’s television and let the grudges build themselves Let’s forget about these evil corporate overlords and just make feuds between two guys who don’t like each other. Sometimes it’s better to go back to the basics. This format has been around for fifteen years. Do you remember any TV shows that kept the same format for fifteen years?

It’s time for wrestling to evolve past the crutches and try something different. Because it’s just not relevant anymore.. Christian aptly said on Monday night those forget history are doomed to repeat it. These words cannot hit closer to home when it comes to today’s portrayal of the wrestling product. Hopefully they will focus on future endeavors and give the pink slip to the past.

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WWE Superstar Darren Young Reveals That He Is Gay

darren young

TMZ recently caught up with Darren Young at LAX Airport and asked if it was possible for a gay man to succeed in the WWE. Darren Young responded with, “Absolutely. Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy”

Darren Young coming out makes him the first openly gay, contracted WWE superstar of all time. The announcement also makes him the first openly gay superstar from a major professional wrestling organisation. It was a very brave decision and a very bold one and Darren deserves a lot of credit for doing this.

Several WWE and wresting personalities commented on Darren’s big announcement.

Stephanie McMahon: “Congratulations to @DarrenYoungWWE for being the first openly gay WWE Superstar!”

John Cena: “I know Darren personally. Darren’s a great guy. That’s a very bold move for him. And congratulations for him for actually finally doing it.”

“For us, it’s entertainment … and if you’re entertaining you shouldn’t be judged by race, creed, color or sexuality … as long as you’re entertaining.”

Titus O’ Neal: “I’m VERY PROUD of @DarrenYoungWWE He’s been like Family 2Me&My Kids And that won’t Change!

Triple H: “Congratulations, @DarrenYoungWWE for living YOUR life, YOUR way. #proud”

Rosa Mendes: “@DarrenYoungWWE I’m so proud of you!! See you this week!!”

Gregory Helms: “Good job @DarrenYoungWWE Respect!! Somewhere my friend Kanyon is smiling down.”

Matt Morgan: “ENORMOUS courage out of @DarrenYoungWWE today! U should be very proud of urself Darren! #WhatAGreatExampleForOthers”

Chavo Guerrero: “Huge support for @DarrenYoungWWE !! Great guy & great wrestler! Kudos for @JohnCena supporting comments too”

Congratulations are in order to Darren Young for announcing this and he deserves everyone’s support for doing such a brave thing. Congrats, Darren!

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13 Current WWE Superstars Destined For The Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame Logo

Whilst the Wrestlemania weekend’s most important focus is on the Sunday night spectacular itself, the day beforehand always has a way to capture the attention of both fans and competitors like no other. The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is the means to honour those that left it all in the ring for the audience, and earned the respect of their peers and the adulation of the crowd. It is a place where legends such as Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino have entered with great celebration, but has also seen its fair share of controversial entrants, such as Koko B. Ware, Abdullah the Butcher, and the entire “Celebrity Wing”.

Whilst many are still awaiting the long-overdue induction of legends such as Owen Hart, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, there has developed a long list of superstars currently on the roster that will be certain to be inducted into the hallowed hall upon their departure from full-time competition. These are the superstars that have paid their dues and earned respect through their in-ring prowess, inimitable storytelling, and their connection with the audience, either as a heel or face. These are the superstars who have a reserved spot in the Hall of Fame (barring any freak revelations). Some will not be as assured as others, and some will not have merited it by the standards of the fans. But, if Drew Carey can get into the Hall of Fame then anybody can. So here is my list of those currently signed to the company that will likely be a part of the celebrated ceremony in the future.

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TNA Bound For Glory 2013: 8 Matches That Could Happen


We are only three months away from TNA/Impact Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. Bound for Glory is the stage that all TNA wrestlers look to, to make their mark on the company. The Aces & Eights are still running wild and one can only think that they will have the great fall at the show of shows for TNA.

I’m taking a look at what I think the card will be/should be with a sense of realism. Based on the current directions of storylines I think I’ve come up with a reasonable card and one I wouldn’t mind seeing.

So please, click “next” to begin my card for the biggest show in TNA, Bound for Glory!

TNA World Title

8. Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

AJStyles copy

This one, I think, is a definite. Bully Ray versus AJ Styles for the TNA World title is my pick to headline the show. The Aces & Eights have been running wild and Bully Ray has shown to be one of the most entertaining heels in company history. Bully has put on some decent matches as champion and has cut great promo after great promo. I don’t see Bully losing this title before Bound for Glory but if he does, I definitely seeing him regaining it before October.

On the other side, you have AJ Styles: the lone wolf of TNA. Having deciding on not joining Aces & Eights, Bad Influence, & TNA, AJ Styles has been on his own and who better to save TNA than the guy who helped make it famous? AJ Styles has been a favorite since the inception of the company and I think it’s all going to rely on him to save TNA from Aces & Eights and the reign of Bully Ray.

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WWE: Kaitlyn Is Released With Immediate Effect

WWE has announced the following departure today;

“As of Jan. 8, Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) will no longer be under contract with WWE. The former Divas Champion has chosen to pursue other endeavors outside the sports-entertainment world. WWE wishes Kaitlyn the best in all her future endeavors.”

Kaitlyn is due to face AJ Lee on Main Event tonight but will no longer be appearing in any future WWE shows.

Regarding her departure, it isn’t really surprising. The former Diva Champion has vanished into irrelevancy over the last six months. After being featured quite prominently in 2013 and the first half of 2014, she has struggled to find a role among the success of AJ’s title run and the Total Divas cast (of which she was not chosen to be part of, a telling sign right there) who dominate Raw TV time. At times it has been hard to distinguish if Kaitlyn was a heel or a face as creative tried to accommodate her into some airtime across Raw and Smackdown. Both parties have now obviously concluded there is nowhere to go from here.

Coming from an athletic bodybuilding background, Kaitlyn was ok in the ring. However it was her good looks are what really helped her achieve relative quick success in the WWE, in memorable feuds with Eve Torres and later AJ Lee. Along the way she won 1 divas championship and was the winner of series 3 of NXT. Her career wasn’t all high points, she was infamously arrested backstage at a WWE live event when police tracked her down for unpaid speeding fines.

As WWE states, may Kaitlyn go on to the “best of luck in her future endeavors”, which will reportedly be outside of the wrestling industry.

Click “next” below to read 8 further wrestlers we expect to be “future endeavoured” in 2014…

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Hulk Hogan Backstage At WWE Network Launch


In what will be seen as further proof that Hulk Hogan is set to return to WWE, he was reportedly backstage at WWE’s major network announcement in Las Vegas. The fact that Hogan was not used for interviews does however suggest that his contract is not yet fully signed off on. Other former legends such as Steve Austin spent considerable time being used for promotional purposes. There is a possibility that Hogan was in fact at the event to sit down with Vince McMahon afterwards and formally sign off on his Wrestlemania 30 appearance.

The Hulkster is said to have told friends earlier in the week that he would be at the Vegas conference. WWE was well aware he would be showing up backstage, and put the plans in to have him appear for a meeting. Hogan spent most of his time at the event hanging out with his good friend Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight. You can expect him to have spent considerable time behind closed doors with McMahon and Triple H, and his role at Mania was probably discussed. With any luck this deal is very close to getting done, if not already signed off on. Hulk Hogan’s WWE return is imminent.

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WWE News : Survivor Series Buyrate Disaster Analysis

Wwe Survivor Series 2013

The preliminary buyrate for WWE Survivor Series is in, and it isn’t the Christmas present Vince McMahon would have wanted.

The event headlined by Randy Orton vs Big Show drew a measly 179,000 buys. This preliminary number will in time rise, but it is a pretty good indication of the rough region of buys. It makes the 2013 event the worst drawing Survivor Series since the early 90 s, and buys are down from 208,000 in 2012. Here’s a break-down of the event’s recent performance –

2013 – 179,000 buys (early estimate)
2012 – 208,000 buys
2011 – 281,000 buys
2010 – 244,000 buys
2009 – 225,000 buys
2008 – 319,000 buys
2007 – 325,000 buys
2006 – 383,000 buys
2005 – 400,000 buys
2003 – 325,000 buys

It’s a wake up call to WWE after they booked an Autumn series of PPV’s with screwjob finishes – fans will not stand for a bad product. The number also reflects the terrible promotion of the PPV, there was no real thought or selling point in promoting the event. Surely WWE must have known their effort would not be good enough, Big Show vs Orton is hardly an enticing prospect. Why not book The Undertaker on the show as I suggested in a WhatCulture feature and give the event a reason to be bought? They failed in this, and they have got what they deserve with a buyrate under 200k.

What now for the WWE, how do they address this poor performance? I actually don’t think they will be that concerned about it. Vince McMahon lost interest in Survivor Series as a “Big 4 event” many years ago. There was talk a few years back about dropping the event completely, and I suspect they now will eliminate the “Survivor Series” brand from 2014. It’s a bad number, but with the company focusing on a WWE Network launch in 2014, pay per view business is less vital than it once was.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t look good. The poorly promoted “B Level” pay per view Payback did more buys than Survivor Series. The “Big 4 events” in WWE are now Wresltemania, Royal Rumble, Summerslam and Money In The Bank. After a storied history, Survivor Series is now a dead concept.

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