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GTA V: 10 Awesome Things We’ve Seen So Far

Gta V D2

It’s still early days yet, but the Internet is positively buzzing with the word on GTA V, which finally made it into our grubby little hands yesterday.

While we’ve already commented upon 10 awesome missions we’ve played, that doesn’t account for the litany of other moments that populate the game. As any GTA fan worth their salt knows, Rockstar put a lot of effort into the little details, and it’s the charm of these moments that really make the games what they are.

While it’s impossible to include every cool reference and tidbit, here are 10 that have particularly perked us up while blasting through GTA V (so far), 10 that make the game what it is, and make it clear that Rockstar really are swinging for the fences with their most ambitious video game to date. Remember that SPOILERS DO FOLLOW

10. Niko Bellic Reference

Grand Theft Auto IV - Niko

As you prepare for the first heist in the game, Lester runs through a list of contacts who could possibly comprise your crew, before coming to realise that none of them will fit the bill. One character he mentions rings a bell in particular:

“There was an Eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City, but nah, he went quiet.”

Gee, I wonder who that could possibly be. Though the GTA games tend to exist in their own distinct/tangential universes, occasionally they do like to drop references in like this; Lester is, of course, referring to GTA IV’s protagonist, Niko Bellic, and though it only confirms what we already suspected (that Niko decided to lie low after the events of the game), it’s still a nice nod that just about every GTA fan would surely appreciate.

After all, bringing Niko into your crew would probably just be a little too on the nose, no?

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GTA V: 10 Reasons It Will Be Game Of The Year


Assuming there are no further delays, on the 17th September this year, Grand Theft Auto V will be released. From the grim and dreary streets of Liberty City, you are now in the sunny celebrity capital of La-La Land and (according to Rockstar) in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Each new GTA game raises the bar and this time ’round, it’s sure to be no different. GTA V will be the biggest and hopefully the best GTA game ever (and most expensive so far). Not that you’d need reminding or anything, but here’s 10 reasons why GTA V will be game of the year 2013. We may have to wait a bit longer, but there’s no doubt that it will be absolutely worth it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look…

10. Three’s A Crowd


Grand Theft Auto V will let you control three characters: a retired career criminal named Michael, a psychotic former soldier named Trevor, and matchstick man Franklin. You can take control of any of them anytime you’re playing, regardless of whatever it is they’re doing. When the three of them unite for missions you can take control of the role you’d rather play (e.g. shooting, driving/flying) if that what the mission involves.

Few games allow you to take control of two characters let alone three – even then it’s usually for one or two missions – but GTA V will let you control three characters throughout the game and beyond. It’s an exciting prospect.

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