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Selena Gomez Tops The Charts In This Week’s One Minute Music Buzz

Feeling the mid-week blues? Well the One Minute Music Buzz is here to change your tune with all the music news you need to know!

Selena Gomez shows no signs of slowing down as her album Stars Dance has topped the charts, knocking Jay Z from his throne. But nothing can beat Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ as the song of the summer.

Katy Perry embraced her dark side in a teaser video for her newest single “Roar” this week.

And comedians Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, and Will Forte grew out their beards and brought back suspenders for Mumford and Son’s newest music video.

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6 Stories You May Have Missed

Usher’s Son Doing Fine After Near-Death Pool Accident

The singer’s eldest son, Usher Raymond V, is reportedly smiling, laughing and even eating since his freak accident in his backyard pool earlier this week. Get the scoop on when the tot will be able to leave the hospital on TMZ.

Mariah Carey Reveals Disturbing Racist Incident

During a press conference for her latest flick, The Butler, the singer recalls a racially-charged childhood incident that happened to her on the school bus. Huffington Post has the full story.

Chris Colfer Spills On Adam Lambert’s Glee Role

Who is the American Idol runner-up playing on the FOX series? Socialite Life has the scoop.

Johnny Depp, Armie Hmmer Blames Critics For The Lone Ranger Flop

The two actors think the media has something to do with their blockbuster’s lackluster box office performance. See what they have to say on Us Weekly.

Adrienne Bailon Has A Secret She Needs To Get Off Her Chest

Things are getting real on The Real. The former Disney star has admitted to getting – then removing – her double D breast implants. TooFab has the story on why she went under the knife.

Miley Cyrus’ Has Yet Another New Song

The songstress has team up with Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and “We Can’t Stop” collaborator Mike WiLL Made It for a hot new hip-hop track. Hear a snippet of it on Idolator.

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The New Mumford & Sons Music Video Is Fascinating to Watch

Mumford & Sons debuted the music video for their new single “Hopeless Wanderer” on Sunday, which normally wouldn’t be exciting news for anyone with a set of ears or eyes.

Except this video doesn’t star Mumford & Sons at all. Instead, the Grammy-winning band somehow, someway enlisted the comedy styles of Jason Sudekis, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman and Will Forte do to the lip-synching and banjo-playing and J. Crew-wearing for them.

The result is a cross between a Saturday Night Live digital short and lost audition tapes for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. It’s sort of funny, once you look past the fact that it was still made by Mumford & Sons.

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9 Most Disturbing Music Videos You’ve Ever Seen


Horror and revulsion is unquestionably gratifying for the typical viewer.

Visits to the local cinema to watch the freshly released horror film seduces those who want to indulge in the explicit violence and blood that relentlessly hits the screen, while exposing one to terrifying visuals, leaving us to scream and tremble in the corner of our seats.

While it is apparent that cinema has killed the video star, music videos, if executed superbly are a perfect place to explore and be exposed to the genre.

Artists commonly shy away from having such content in their music videos in fear of attracting such negative criticism and controversy, while potentially alienating audiences. For those who are drawn to such imagery, there are artists who neglect such uncertainties and do it regardless.

This list will some now explore nine disturbingly delectable music videos ever made.

Warning: Discretion is advised. This list contains graphic content that will cause considerable repulsion, yet inquisitiveness will entice you to read on.

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So… Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ is Now a Performance Art Film

Remember when Jay Z spent six hours at the Pace Gallery in New York City earlier this month?

You know, that time he lip-synched to “Picasso Baby” in front of museum goers and invited the likes of Judd Apatow, Alan Cumming and the great Marina Abramovic?

Well, we now have a better idea of the finished product, all in the name of performance art.

On Friday, HBO released a 31-second preview of Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film, set to premiere on Aug. 2 at 11 p.m., appropriately following Jay Z’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

“Rap is painting out loud,” Hova says in the preview voiceover. “And you’re putting your fears and vulnerabilities and insecurities to music… concerts are pretty much performance art.”


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To No One’s Surprise, John Williams Will Score ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

As expected, John Williams will be returning to a galaxy far, far away.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy confirmed on Saturday that the beloved composer will score Star Wars: Episode VII. The announcement was made at a Star Wars fan event in Germany.

According to Williams, who has scored all six existing Star Wars films and has five Academy Awards to his name, fans can expect more of the same sounds in the new J.J. Abrams directed film.

“Of course I haven’t seen the script, the story is still unknown to me,” Williams says in a video attached to the official announcement. “But I can’t imagine there will not be some references to the existing stories that we know that would necessitate and make appropriate the use of some of the earlier themes.”

This information is really music to Star Wars fans’ ears, after a week that included this casting rumor.

Star Wars: Episode VII is slated for a 2015 release.

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Jay Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ is the Country’s No. 1 Album for the Second Week in a Row

Jay Z is still on top.

Nielsen SoundScan’s latest numbers have placed the rapper’s 12th studio album, Magna Carta… Holy Grail on top of the Billboard 200 charts for the second week in a row, beating Sara BareillesThe Blessed Unrest, which sold 68,000 copies domestically. [via MTV]

In third place is children’s album Kidz Bop 24 – the 24th edition of child-friendly covers of pop songs like Taylor Swift‘s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Selena Gomez‘s “Come & Get It” and Justin Timberlake‘s “Mirrors.”

Despite being on top of the charts, Magna Carta‘s second week performance (129,000 copies) is a 76 percent drop from its official debut week. The 658,000 copies Hova has sold so far does not include the units distributed by Samsung and its nifty app days before the album hit stores and iTunes.

Jay Z and JT recently kicked off their Legends of the Summer stadium tour. The duo is scheduled to play in San Francisco on Friday, before dropping by Pasadena, Calif. and Vancouver, Canada to wrap the month. August dates include stops in Detroit, Boston and Philadelphia.

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5 Amazing Pop Anthems Of Summer 2013

Popanthem Main

Pop has come back full force this summer with the emergence of mega-hits from everyone from Gaga to Miley. Pop as a genre seems to be experiencing a fantastic period of cyclical pleasure. Whatever your pop allegiance, there’s no denying that everyone’s been enjoying some of the best tunes this summer.

However, some songs have been woefully ignored, and relegated to being a popular album track or have even been left out without a proper release date for fans to scramble at desperately in order for the tune to become a central part of their essential pop summer soundtrack.

So, without further ado, here are five amazing pop anthems of summer 2013, varying from the hugely successful to the largely unrecognised…

5. Jason Derulo – “The Other Side”

Popanthem Jasonderulo

Returning after a serious neck injury with a barnstorming new single, Jason Derulo’s new single ‘The Other Side’ at first seems like any of the other kinds of EDM/dance-pop currently sitting happy in the charts but not really proving to be anything revolutionay or worth mentioning. Derulo is, after all, quite adept at these dance-pop ditties but after a year or so out of the game, his return is a pleasant treat.

However, the song quickly grows on you with a sweet and danceable chorus about changing from friends into lovers that’s found its way on the dancefloor very quickly. The fact that this was written about Derulo’s current beau, the sweet and lovely R&B singer Jordin Sparks, makes this song go down better than ice cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day and is all the more enjoyable for that. After all, everyone loves a couple genuinely in love.

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Throwback Thursday: That Time Britney Spears and Snoop Played Ball

Thank you, Miley Cyrus. If it were not for your Throwback Thursday (tweeted on Wednesday, but never mind that), Britney Spears‘ “Outrageous” music video featuring Snoop Dogg may have just continued to collect dust as a forgotten artifact in the pop culture attic.

Here is Britney and Snoop back in summer 2004, on the Queens, N.Y., on set of the Dave Meyers-directed music video for “Outrageous,” the final single – written by none other than R. Kelly – off Brit’s fourth album, In the Zone.

What they made is pure pop gold. The clip shows Snoop and a group of guys casually playing pick-up on a street basketball court. And up walks Britney, ready to ball in her hi-tops, basketball shorts, sheer jersey (push-up bra peeking out, logically), and sideways trucker hat (remember those?).

After a few half-hearted dribbles, Brit passes the ball, walks straight to Snoop, and jumps up to straddle his waist, as she seductively sings:

“I just want to be happy/ In a place where love is free/ Can you take me there/ Somebody, ooh/ And when you mention my name/ Make sure you know the truth, yeah/ Until I vow to keep it forever.”

What that means, even the lyrical gods wouldn’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because you are not listening. You are just watching, waiting, for that magical, moment when Britney licks Snoop’s face. Yes, licks.

Press play, above, and enjoy the stomach-turning show.

Then see what other old-school snaps stars – from Beyonc to One Direction – shared in this week’s Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Edition.

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Britney Spears Joins Smurf Village in Her ‘Ooh La La’ Music Video

Britney Spears Ooh La La Smurfs 2 Music Video

It seems so innocent at first: Britney Spears watching The Smurfs 2 with her sons Sean, 7, and Jayden, 6, in theaters. “Check this out,” she warmly whispers to them. “This is the best part right here.”

But then with one whip of a magician’s wand, Spears is struck by blue electricity. And poof: she vanishes from the theater seat, only to miraculously materialize on the silver screen. But her boys are not the least bit fazed by their mom’s disappearing act. “Cool,” one says. “Hi mom,” the other waves.

So begins Spears’ below-par music video for “Ooh La La,” her new sugary-sweet, pop song featured on the soundtrack for animated sequel The Smurfs 2.

The clip goes on to spotlight a Spears, smiling wide and bright-eyed, lip-syncing as she towers over smurf village. Throughout, there’s a sprinkling of snippets – starring Neil Patrick Harris! – from the movie, which hits theaters July 31.

Spears awkwardly sways with her hands on her hips, she bounces and spins, she flashes some jazz hands, and she moves her arms all too much, but let’s be clear: there’s no real dancing. Her “I’m A Slave 4 U” snake-charming moves are, sadly, a thing of the past.

Eventually, Spears is reunited with her sons when they, mysteriously, pop up on screen by her side. But it’s the blas looks on their faces that truly sums up how one feels at the end of these bewildering four minutes and 21 seconds.

Go on, see for yourself – press play. Learn the words for “Ooh La La” on Directlyrics.

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