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GTA V: Casting The Main Characters In A Hypothetical Movie Version

GTA V 3 Characters

In case you haven’t heard or have found yourself living under a particularly large rock, a new Grand Theft Auto game is out. The game has gone down a storm with critics and gamers alike and it is without a doubt Rockstar Games’ most ambitious title to date. With the release of a new GTA game, discussion inevitably turns to Hollywood (or should that be Vinewood?) and the possibility of a movie set in the GTA universe.

Whilst Rockstar’s own Dan Houser has in the past confirmed that they have had several offers to make a movie one has yet to be made.

GTA V has arguably one of the best selections of characters in a Grand Theft Auto game to date, with Michael, Trevor and Franklin all having unique characteristics and personalities, but who would play these bunch of miscreants in a film version?

Let’s begin with…

Michael Madsen As Michael De Santa

Madsen as Michael

Michael is arguably the most together of our three protagonists. Wiser than Franklin, and much less unhinged than Trevor. That’s not too say Michael De Santa is a boring character, far from it. He’s probably the most layered of the three anti-heroes. So the actor playing him needs to be able to portray a wise confidence and look the part.

Who else but Mr Blonde himself, Michael Madsen.

Madsen already has great experience in the crime genre with Reservoir Dogs. Who can forget his performance in Tarantino’s heist-gone-wrong thriller. He was calm, cool, yet ultimately cruel and doesn’t shy away from confrontation. Madsen is about the right age, and although he isn’t around too much these days, I’m sure he would look great pulling on that suit. Who am I kidding justifying this pick? The man is a dead ringer for his video game counterpart.

FOR A DIFFERENT TAKE: Billy Bob Thornton. Brilliantly crazy, could pull off Michael’s look and he’s done crime films before. Yes Bad Santa counts.

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